Monday, September 10

Sunday Funday/Music Monday!

Sunday Funday was introduced to us by Maclean when she stayed here earlier this year, it is a tradition of family time together. Working now and finding time that we can designate as "together time" is getting trickier. I am a firm believer in time together, I think it should be valuable time spent bonding and growing as a family unit. I think it should be time spent learning important life lessons and practical tasks that will one day come in handy for everybody. Quality education and life skills this Sunday we learned how to use  blow dart guns! I even taught them how to run and shoot them! We even did an advanced class on dive rolls before shooting!

It was, as you I am sure you can imagine, a huge success! Next week, throwing stars!

For Music Monday

Rob shared this one with me at work, I fell in love with it the second it started. I even cried. I hope you all love it as much as I did and do! If I could, I would just play this over and over and over for you all day. THAT is how much I love it!

Shazamed these in the car.

And another gem from the Black Keys!


I am grateful for the beautiful weather we had this weekend.

I am grateful for how much fun my kids are.

I am grateful for beautiful music that makes me feel alive and stirs my soul.


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