Monday, September 24

On Line Dating Rule And Music Monday

I have decided to come up with a few rules for myself now that I am attempting online dating again. These rules are now in place because of the dates I went on this past weekend.

Rule #1: I will not go out with the father of my sons best friend in school, especially when they are in the same class. It makes things very awkward and throws a bit of a wrench in the date right off the hop.
And to clarify, I had not idea he was the dad before the date.

Go ahead, laugh it up.

Pinks new album came out this week! I LOVE it!! The entire thing is amazing!

 I also found this and fell in love!



I am grateful for chocolate pie.

I am grateful for Molly. She has changed the dynamic of the house a little and she is really growing on us all. The kids are doing a great job of all sharing the responsibilities that come with a dog.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.



Melissa Haavind said...

I am so excited for Pink's new album! And I love love Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros!!!!

Leah M said...

You will have to tell me how the online dating is going. PM me what site you're using. I think I'm ready to start again!!
Thanks doll!