Wednesday, September 19

"Mr. September"

It has been 4 years since my dads accident.  I still remember the night I received the phone call telling me he had been flown to Edmonton. I am not too sure you ever forget things like that, no matter how much time passes. But I am thrilled he has recovered so well. This year STARS air ambulance put him in their fundraising calendar. It's not exactly the sort of calendar you want to be "Mr. September" in, but hey, we will take it.


I am grateful this is all done and all this time has passed,. That was a horrible time that I do not care to relive.

I am grateful for the game dogs play of "chase their own tails". I find it very amusing.

I am grateful for sleep.


1 comment:

Leah M said...

I am so glad that your dad is doing so well!! It really is amazing how well he has recovered.
That has to be the superist, happiest Mr September ever!!