Tuesday, September 18

Hair Dye And Attractive Men.

I think the dogs name is Molly. Alex was a quick pick and the more time I spend with her, I believe Molly is a better fit. I am trying to help her figure out her name quickly so we don't have another repeat of yesterday, EVER!

I have a purple streak in my hair, and with most things cosmetic in my life, it requires upkeep. Upkeep for this purple in my hair means that once a week I need to reapply purple and let it sit for about 30 minutes to freshen up the vibrant colour. Yesterday I decided to recolour my hair, no big deal I do it all the time. After I separate the sections of my hair with clips into the colour and non colour parts, I put the colour in my hair. It ends up being a blob of colour on top of my head. Not really pretty and I normally don't go out of the house when I am doing it. But of course, while I was colouring my hair yesterday, Molly needed to go outside for a pee. No big deal, we go to the back yard and she does her thing. When we finished and went to return to the living room she, instead of turning left into the house, turns right and bolts for the front yard. I run after her but once she sees the open space she is gone!There I am in my junk clothes, with my hair in clips and a blob of hair dye in my hair and I am calling to a very disobedient and playful puppy who could not give one ounce of sh%t to what I am saying.

She will come just close enough that I can not grab her, then dart off in the other direction. I am getting really frustrated but I am still trying. Then it happens. Right when I look like a pile of poo, standing in the middle of the road, calling to a dog who does not give a crap about what I am saying, an unbelievably attractive man comes jogging by with his beautiful doberman pinscher and Molly goes chasing after them. The guy is clearly annoyed and starts yelling at Molly to go away, and of course she does not listen. His dog is also clearly annoyed with her playful bounding in their running path. I am trying to grab her but she is now very interested in the two of them. The guy keeps saying to her,, "go away" and I just want to cry.
So I just said, would you mind grabbing her for me, she is only been here for 2 days and she is still learning. He reaches down and grabs her collar and then I scoop her up. I don't even make eye contact with the guy cause seriously, "WHY NOT COME FOR A JOG DOWN MY STREET WHEN I LOOK GOOD?"

I carry her into the house and into her crate she goes for a nap! I head upstairs to calm my bruised pride and continue reading the dog whisperer book. ugh...thanks dog, I really needed this today!


I am grateful for Chai Tea.

I am grateful for the ability to laugh at myself when I could have cried.

I am grateful for pretty underwear.



Ken said...

I've never read a Dog Whisperer book, but I've watched a lot of episodes of his show. You should try catch a few if you can. It's really helpful to see what he does in action.

Of course, I've never tried to raise a dog in town before so there is that. But then, you're way more awesome than I am so I doubt you'll have much trouble at all. ;)

Stacey said...

That is always the way!! Lol! Best to make eye contact and laugh and say 'o goody! Actually I don't look like this, dress like this and after more than 48 hrs my dog won't behave like this!" but I get u cuz! U HAVE to watch him!! I'm sure there's the odd tidbit in the book...but those are mostly cash grabs...the tv show let's u really see how he does it!
U go girl!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! I feel your pain Joelle. You really really need to write a book. You paint the most vivid pictures.

Tanya said...

Joelle do yourself a favor and either get a lead for Molly when she is outside or the more expensive fix of building a fence, leads are less than $30 for a 10 foot one. I haven't met a dog yet that does not enjoy the freedom of a good run/chase. I remember the day my Dad died my son let my chihuahua out and the dog made me chase him all the way to my son's school. There I was having a really bad day and the dog chooses to be an ass. These creatures hardly ever choose opportune times for their antics.

For the record the hot runner sounds a bit douchey. A great guy would have helped you get your dog back right from the get go and not just yelled at her. You are a catch inside and out and deserve someone just as great.

J said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the helpful words! -J