Tuesday, September 25

Best Bed Head Winner Is...

We are a very competitive family. We like to compete at a number of things ranging from who can shoot a Nerf dart furthest, to who can eat the most pizza. Family games are fun and everyone enjoys the spirit of sport that we feel.

We will even compete with our hair. Ridiculous as it is, it's fun seeing who has the worst bed head in the morning. I have short hair so for the longest time I have been the undefeated champion. Now, since the boys have grown out their hair I finally have some decent competition.


I am grateful for warm tea first thing in the morning.

I am grateful Molly did not whine once last night. I put a blanket in her crate with her and turned on 1023 NOW radio and let her listen all night. I am sure my boss will be thrilled to hear how effective our station is in helping stop annoying dog whining. I think it could be a decent jingle.

I am grateful for surprise gifts from friends last night.


1 comment:

Tanya said...

Yay Molly!

The look on your boys faces is to funny. Pure joy. I love it. No doubt a product of their awesome Mom.