Friday, September 21

A Full Sleeve and Dog Poop

Seth came home from school yesterday and was sporting a little ink.

He also had a few things drawn on his other arm and he had a picture of a guy on his left calf. After dinner we went for a walk to get ice cream and he kept rolling up his shirt to show off his arm. I asked him what it was and why, he simply said "because I like it."

When we got home from our walk he was pretty upset that most of it washed off in the shower. So because I am the loving mother I am, I reapplied his tattoo with a red marker I found in the drawer. I see this as foreshadowing for whats to come. To be honest, I don't mind. The picture on Seth's arm is nicer then a few peoples actual tattoos I have seen.

In Other News.

Things with Molly are going well. Thanks to the delicious treats Wild Bites, I have not had another escaping incident. I am pretty sure the key ingredient in those little sausage-ie delights is dog crack. She goes absolutely insane for them. Knowing she loves them helps me feel more confidant that she will listen to me. Now we are working on the house training. It has gotten better, I think we made huge progress yesterday, fingers crossed, we shall see. I am really tired of dog poop and pee on my floor.


I am grateful for how good cooked onions and mushrooms smells.

I am grateful for happy laughing children.

I am grateful for the beautiful fall colours.


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