Wednesday, September 26

A Car Bomb Of Dog Poop.

When I got home last night from my 7-12am show I could smell something nasty the second I walked in the door. I am familiar with this smell, I find it every once in a while when Molly has been left in a room alone too long. Jenna (my nanny) had already taken Molly for a walk a few hours before so there should not have been a problem. But as I walked closer to her crate last night/early this morning the smell was getting so bad it was making my eyes water.
Molly was whimpering a little too, so I knew it was going to be rough. When I opened her crate molly came bolting out and it looked like a car bomb of dog poop had gone off. The poor thing clearly had diarrhea and could not hold it any longer. It took me an hour to clean everything well enough that she could go back in to sleep for a few hours before I had to get up and go to work in the morning.

I will be singing "I am a happy dog owner" all day trying to convince myself.


I am grateful for caffeine today.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am grateful for all the beautiful fall colours and the fallen leaves. This mornings walk was crisp and beautiful this morning when I went for a walk with molly.



Leah M said...

Oh. My. Gag!!!!
Poor Dog, and I am so sorry!!
Thanks for the reminder why I'm petless...for the moment! Tee Hee!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

We're a little bit behind you... our leaves are just starting to turn... no crunch yet. I love this time of year! Sorry about the poo... what can I say... sh*t happens... lol.