Thursday, September 27

Maury Povich, Doggie Style

I bought a DNA test for Molly today. I figured it was about time I know what kind of dog she actually is. I always feel like a horrible pet owner when people ask "what kind of dog is she?" and I just shrug my shoulders and say," I don't know".

Depending on the mood I am in, and how disgusted they look at me that I don't know such things, I might also throw in there...if I know what kind she is will it change how much she enjoys spending all day locked in the bathroom?

I followed the instructions carefully and filled everything out, so in about 3 weeks I will know what exactly Molly is. Fingers crossed she is a Dalmatian, I always wanted one of those. I can't wait for the "Who's your daddy reveal" It's so Maury Povich!


I am grateful for helpful people.

I am grateful for days off.

I am grateful for how good I feel when I run.


Wednesday, September 26

A Car Bomb Of Dog Poop.

When I got home last night from my 7-12am show I could smell something nasty the second I walked in the door. I am familiar with this smell, I find it every once in a while when Molly has been left in a room alone too long. Jenna (my nanny) had already taken Molly for a walk a few hours before so there should not have been a problem. But as I walked closer to her crate last night/early this morning the smell was getting so bad it was making my eyes water.
Molly was whimpering a little too, so I knew it was going to be rough. When I opened her crate molly came bolting out and it looked like a car bomb of dog poop had gone off. The poor thing clearly had diarrhea and could not hold it any longer. It took me an hour to clean everything well enough that she could go back in to sleep for a few hours before I had to get up and go to work in the morning.

I will be singing "I am a happy dog owner" all day trying to convince myself.


I am grateful for caffeine today.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am grateful for all the beautiful fall colours and the fallen leaves. This mornings walk was crisp and beautiful this morning when I went for a walk with molly.


Tuesday, September 25

Best Bed Head Winner Is...

We are a very competitive family. We like to compete at a number of things ranging from who can shoot a Nerf dart furthest, to who can eat the most pizza. Family games are fun and everyone enjoys the spirit of sport that we feel.

We will even compete with our hair. Ridiculous as it is, it's fun seeing who has the worst bed head in the morning. I have short hair so for the longest time I have been the undefeated champion. Now, since the boys have grown out their hair I finally have some decent competition.


I am grateful for warm tea first thing in the morning.

I am grateful Molly did not whine once last night. I put a blanket in her crate with her and turned on 1023 NOW radio and let her listen all night. I am sure my boss will be thrilled to hear how effective our station is in helping stop annoying dog whining. I think it could be a decent jingle.

I am grateful for surprise gifts from friends last night.


Monday, September 24

On Line Dating Rule And Music Monday

I have decided to come up with a few rules for myself now that I am attempting online dating again. These rules are now in place because of the dates I went on this past weekend.

Rule #1: I will not go out with the father of my sons best friend in school, especially when they are in the same class. It makes things very awkward and throws a bit of a wrench in the date right off the hop.
And to clarify, I had not idea he was the dad before the date.

Go ahead, laugh it up.

Pinks new album came out this week! I LOVE it!! The entire thing is amazing!

 I also found this and fell in love!



I am grateful for chocolate pie.

I am grateful for Molly. She has changed the dynamic of the house a little and she is really growing on us all. The kids are doing a great job of all sharing the responsibilities that come with a dog.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.


Friday, September 21

A Full Sleeve and Dog Poop

Seth came home from school yesterday and was sporting a little ink.

He also had a few things drawn on his other arm and he had a picture of a guy on his left calf. After dinner we went for a walk to get ice cream and he kept rolling up his shirt to show off his arm. I asked him what it was and why, he simply said "because I like it."

When we got home from our walk he was pretty upset that most of it washed off in the shower. So because I am the loving mother I am, I reapplied his tattoo with a red marker I found in the drawer. I see this as foreshadowing for whats to come. To be honest, I don't mind. The picture on Seth's arm is nicer then a few peoples actual tattoos I have seen.

In Other News.

Things with Molly are going well. Thanks to the delicious treats Wild Bites, I have not had another escaping incident. I am pretty sure the key ingredient in those little sausage-ie delights is dog crack. She goes absolutely insane for them. Knowing she loves them helps me feel more confidant that she will listen to me. Now we are working on the house training. It has gotten better, I think we made huge progress yesterday, fingers crossed, we shall see. I am really tired of dog poop and pee on my floor.


I am grateful for how good cooked onions and mushrooms smells.

I am grateful for happy laughing children.

I am grateful for the beautiful fall colours.


Wednesday, September 19

"Mr. September"

It has been 4 years since my dads accident.  I still remember the night I received the phone call telling me he had been flown to Edmonton. I am not too sure you ever forget things like that, no matter how much time passes. But I am thrilled he has recovered so well. This year STARS air ambulance put him in their fundraising calendar. It's not exactly the sort of calendar you want to be "Mr. September" in, but hey, we will take it.


I am grateful this is all done and all this time has passed,. That was a horrible time that I do not care to relive.

I am grateful for the game dogs play of "chase their own tails". I find it very amusing.

I am grateful for sleep.


Tuesday, September 18

Hair Dye And Attractive Men.

I think the dogs name is Molly. Alex was a quick pick and the more time I spend with her, I believe Molly is a better fit. I am trying to help her figure out her name quickly so we don't have another repeat of yesterday, EVER!

I have a purple streak in my hair, and with most things cosmetic in my life, it requires upkeep. Upkeep for this purple in my hair means that once a week I need to reapply purple and let it sit for about 30 minutes to freshen up the vibrant colour. Yesterday I decided to recolour my hair, no big deal I do it all the time. After I separate the sections of my hair with clips into the colour and non colour parts, I put the colour in my hair. It ends up being a blob of colour on top of my head. Not really pretty and I normally don't go out of the house when I am doing it. But of course, while I was colouring my hair yesterday, Molly needed to go outside for a pee. No big deal, we go to the back yard and she does her thing. When we finished and went to return to the living room she, instead of turning left into the house, turns right and bolts for the front yard. I run after her but once she sees the open space she is gone!There I am in my junk clothes, with my hair in clips and a blob of hair dye in my hair and I am calling to a very disobedient and playful puppy who could not give one ounce of sh%t to what I am saying.

She will come just close enough that I can not grab her, then dart off in the other direction. I am getting really frustrated but I am still trying. Then it happens. Right when I look like a pile of poo, standing in the middle of the road, calling to a dog who does not give a crap about what I am saying, an unbelievably attractive man comes jogging by with his beautiful doberman pinscher and Molly goes chasing after them. The guy is clearly annoyed and starts yelling at Molly to go away, and of course she does not listen. His dog is also clearly annoyed with her playful bounding in their running path. I am trying to grab her but she is now very interested in the two of them. The guy keeps saying to her,, "go away" and I just want to cry.
So I just said, would you mind grabbing her for me, she is only been here for 2 days and she is still learning. He reaches down and grabs her collar and then I scoop her up. I don't even make eye contact with the guy cause seriously, "WHY NOT COME FOR A JOG DOWN MY STREET WHEN I LOOK GOOD?"

I carry her into the house and into her crate she goes for a nap! I head upstairs to calm my bruised pride and continue reading the dog whisperer book. ugh...thanks dog, I really needed this today!


I am grateful for Chai Tea.

I am grateful for the ability to laugh at myself when I could have cried.

I am grateful for pretty underwear.


Monday, September 17

Dogs And Music..Yes, It Says Dog!

I have been talking to the kids for the last few weeks about a cat. I figured they are ready for a bigger more "hands on" pet and to be honest, I think I am too. We have looked at cats, talked about cats, even thought of names for cats but for some reason I just could not do it.

I decided it was time to go look at the humane society for a pet. I had been talking to Mars at work about the humane society and I knew that was where we should start. What's the harm? We are only going to look.
Friday after school we all piled into the car and headed off to the city. After a 100 guesses as to where exactly we were going this afternoon (I didn't tell them at first) they finally guessed correctly and we began a very frank discussion about how to act and what to expect when we are there, because remember, we are only going to LOOK!

The Humane Society in Edmonton is a beautiful building. When we walked in the first thing I noticed was the soft peaceful music that was played throughout the building. I also noticed how many people were there working/volunteering. There were people everywhere dressed in scrubs willing to answer our questions. Everyone was friendly and kind and ridiculously patient. It was a very nice place.

The children and I walked around the first section and looked at all the cats. The rooms they were in were beautiful and filled with lots of toys and scratching posts for them to play with. I looked at all of the cats just lounging around and happily waked past every single cat. I felt no attachment or draw to any of them, and neither did the kids.
As far as I was concerned, we came we saw we could now, all leave. Then Seth walked around the corner and called back to all of us, "hey, I found the dogs!"

Now, this is when, as the adult, I should have had a better handle on the situation. Before we all took one step around the corner I should have said to myself, "No, do not go over there!Unless you have sedation do not go look at any of those animals because remember you are not strong enough to walk away...." but I forgot to remind myself of that.

We all walked around the corner and in that very second what was tranquil and fun, turned to pressure and longing. I saw the first dog and it was a beautiful, huge brown and white dog with fantastic blue eyes.
 I walked past and it just stared up at me. My internal voice decided that just looking at the dog was not torturous enough, it needed to add dialog to the experience too. So as I was walking past this beautiful creature my mind started narrating for the animal..."Hi, I would love to come to your house and be loved, I am a really good boy and if you get me out of here I'll be loyal and kind and loving forever. Just PLEASE get me out of here"
My heart started beating faster. I could feel my body temp going up too. I was crumbling.
I walked past the second dog room. It was worse. This little white bog was staring up at me through the glass with its droopy eyes. But that physical feature just added to my merciless dialog. "Look at that adorable puppy, its crying wanting to go home with you so bad."

I needed to go sit down. I left the dog viewing area and sat by the water fall sculpture. Took a few deep breaths and was able to collect myself enough to have the fleeting thought, you should just run Joelle! Run for the doors, and go back to the car. The kids will find you eventually. But right when I thought my legs might actually obey me, the kids were excitedly running over with a sheet of paper in Gabes hand.
"Mom, each dog has a write up about them and we found one we like!"
Ooh dammit!

The once tranquil music had now turned to Sarah McLachlan on repeat singing about hungry, starving orphaned pets.

While I walked over to meet my doom, I read the paper the children handed me. It is an adorable write up that each animal has by the door to its room. It starts off by saying, "Hi, I am (insert name of animal) I am a loving and kind and fun 5 month old puppy. I would love to live with you and share a loving family, but here are a few things you should know about me..blah blah blah" My last chance to turn and run, but then I saw her..

And the rest, as they say, is history.

When I saw her, I have no idea what happened, I just knew she was meant to be with our family. No one at the HS knows what kind of dog she is so I have been calling her an "Alberta special". Her name is Alex, but to be honest it's not flowing so I think that might get changed.

For the last few days I have been cramming in dog information. I am not too sure exactly what the hell I was thinking, but it feels right. Scary, but right.

Along with my new puppy, I wanted to share some new music too.

This one from Weeds. (my new favorite show)

All of these were courtesy of Shazam while I was out and about this weekend.


I am grateful for this new puppy. I have been feeling really lonely lately and I have enjoyed the company this weekend. I pathetically bought a mens XL sweatshirt the other day and wore it on the couch while I watched TV. Shameful I know, but for those few hours it made me feel less alone.

I am grateful for nice soap.

I am grateful for fall.


Friday, September 14

Jackassery At My Work.

I have thought often about how little I actually talk about the radio station I work for. I seldom explain the deep hard hitting broadcasting I am a part of. The interviews with bands, the discussions about music, concerts I get to see, I guess I have been waiting for some way of showing what really goes on day to day at the station. This morning some coworkers finally did a video that so perfectly explains what goes on at 1023 NOW radio that I had to share, so you get a small taste of what my job entails.


An example of what goes on at 1023 NOW Radio Edmonton!


I am grateful I was able to find another magnet key for my treadmill.

I am grateful for the weekend.

I am grateful for how beautiful it is today!

Tuesday, September 11

It Is That Time Of Year Again.

I love this time of year. I love warm sweaters and nice boots to go with my jeans. Soon the bright greens will be replaced with beautiful splashes of yellow, orange and vibrant red. Warm and beautiful colours are my favorite.But there is one thing I hate about this time of year, one thing that makes me completely crazy, one thing I totally loath and dread...and I had to do today.

This morning I had to turn my furnace back on. Sigh, and so begins the increase of bills.

It is also this time of year...

Now our sacred waffle breakfasts will remain as wonderful as they always are, all year round!

This morning when I was getting the kids ready for school Seth showed me a picture he drew of himself camping.

It made me smile to see him draw himself with a vest and his chest showing in the picture. I asked him why?, he simply said, "it looks cooler." How do you argue with that?


I am grateful for warm socks.

I am grateful for the creativity of kids.

I am grateful for peaches and for all the help Jenna gave me with them. (Jenna is the lady helping me now with the kids when I work...I CANT WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT HER!!)


Monday, September 10

Sunday Funday/Music Monday!

Sunday Funday was introduced to us by Maclean when she stayed here earlier this year, it is a tradition of family time together. Working now and finding time that we can designate as "together time" is getting trickier. I am a firm believer in time together, I think it should be valuable time spent bonding and growing as a family unit. I think it should be time spent learning important life lessons and practical tasks that will one day come in handy for everybody. Quality education and life skills this Sunday we learned how to use  blow dart guns! I even taught them how to run and shoot them! We even did an advanced class on dive rolls before shooting!

It was, as you I am sure you can imagine, a huge success! Next week, throwing stars!

For Music Monday

Rob shared this one with me at work, I fell in love with it the second it started. I even cried. I hope you all love it as much as I did and do! If I could, I would just play this over and over and over for you all day. THAT is how much I love it!

Shazamed these in the car.

And another gem from the Black Keys!


I am grateful for the beautiful weather we had this weekend.

I am grateful for how much fun my kids are.

I am grateful for beautiful music that makes me feel alive and stirs my soul.


Wednesday, September 5

And We Were Late On The First Day.

School just started on Tuesday, and I thought I was ready. I was pretty sure I was ready, but it wasn't until the morning of the first day I realized I was not as prepared as I had though.

The alarm went off at 6am and I started to get ready, my plan was if I got ready first I could help the boys with what they needed. I did not think for one second that along with regular morning duties I was going to have to contend with a "first zit" which meant the total and complete end of the world.
(Name withheld of blemish child for obvious reasons)

Being the mom, I could not help but laugh a little, cause of course he would get a zit on his first day.. Murphys law right? But this was no laughing matter! This was a serious situation that needed immediate attention. He even said, "thank goodness you were an EMT once!" Because clearly medical knowledge on how to keep a heart pumping and lungs filling with air is the equivalent of pimple disposal to a preteen boy.

I did everything shy of makeup and in the end I think it was okay. I even helped him make up a fabricated account of how, while on his hiking trip this past weekend he was hit in the face by a low hanging branch. It seemed to calm his bruised ego and I think he felt it was a decent cover story.

After we dealt with the villainous acne, I was flat ironing all the boys hair. *facepalm*

Now, I am sure this should not have come a surprise, my boys are getting to be that age where they are caring more and more about their appearances, but I was shocked at how long it took the three of them collectively to get their hair "just right" that first morning! Good Heavens! I don't take that long to get ready! By the time we finally got everyone dressed, fed, groomed and out the door it was already 10 minutes past the start time for school. We still had to find classrooms and get everyone settled.

By the time everyone was dropped off, organized and seated in their respective rooms I was sweating and out of breath! Because of course all three boys had classrooms one opposite ends of the school.

When I was finished  and felt like everyone was okay Nora and I walked back to the car (She doesn't start until Friday) I passed a few parents crying. I was not crying, but I once had. One time I was that mom. When I was so scared that my baby was going into a place where I no longer had total control. I once cried when the realization hit me that my voice would no longer be the only voice they cared about, and viewed as valid. I cried when I thought they would be exposed to people who might not care for them as much as I did.

But on Monday morning when I was walking past those parents I couldn't help but smile, because I know how they are feeling, but I also know how they will feel in the not to distant future, and I am happy for them to experience that too!  The complete joy and total elation when they realize they can now go have a nap and eat food without being interrupted or having to share. They can have coffee with friends, or if they want, they can go to work. The first day of school is not a day to cry, it is the day parents should be leaving the school elated and overjoyed! Kicking their heals and singing songs of freedom and praise. "It takes a village to raise a child, and now form 9 am until 3pm  Mrs.Harrison is in charge of that village and not me!"


I am grateful for teachers. I joke, but I respect them immensely. Teachers mold and shape, inspire and cultivate. So to you teachers, my promise at the beginning of this new school year is: I will always make sure you can do your job properly by me doing mine. I promise to always makes sure they are well rested before I send them your way. I will always send them on time and I will never send them to your class sick either.
I will always make sure they are fed well, and sent with enough to eat all day. I promise I will do my best to respect you by making sure they do the work you send home, and I will try really really hard to not loose any library books this year. Thank you for what you do.


Monday, September 3

Food, Food, Food, With A Side Order Of Music.

The Children go back to school tomorrow, and I could not be more nervous for them. A new school year is always exciting, but filled with so much work. In an attempt to start the new year off right I decided because it was my last weekend off before Rob and I go back to working weekends, and because the children were away, I would spend the long weekend cooking and preparing meals so I could be a little further ahead when the crazy rush of school started. I began my flurry of cooking Friday night and have not stopped until this morning. In the space of these 3 days I have made an obscene amount of food. More than I was intending and more than my poor little freezer could hold. I made Lasagnas, stuffed cannelloni, I cooked a turkey and stripped it and made soup, I made turkey pot pies, pizzas, cream of broccoli soup, ratatouille, pork roasts, bolognase sauce...and that's only some of it.

The one thing I am most proud of is considering how much I was actually using a knife this weekend, I only had one injury. I went to the hospital to get my finger stitched but decided waiting 2 hours was not an effective use of time, so super glue and band-aids have done the trick.

All in all it was a successful weekend of preparedness. I even managed to pick up the last of the school supplies.

Throughout the weekend I have found a few new songs to share. Having spent so much time in the kitchen this weekend I really bonded with the shuffle button on my iPhone and let me just tell you, I have some real gems in my music collection that I had forgotten about!

This one for example!

And this one too.


 I found this one in in my favorite store...Anthropology! I absolutely LOVE it!


Sunday I asked people on twitter to tell me what they were listening to at that moment, and this one came in.


It was a great weekend for music. I hope all the parents have a wonderful week sending the little ones back to school. I told my kids after all the money I spent on them this weekend to become educated, they better get the highest marks in class or they have to pay me back for everything, plus interest!


I am grateful for good band-aids.

I am grateful for sweater and boot weather. Fashion wise, it's my favorite time of year!

I am grateful I found a person to help with childcare! A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders now!

I'm all ready, bring on the new year!