Thursday, August 30

The iPod Case AKA Maxi Pads

I had to run to the drug store for some lady products yesterday. It made me laugh how "decorative" the boxes are and how brightly coloured the wrapping is. I actually though to myself, who are you fooling? We all know what your purpose is, and there is no way to make that prettier.

After I got home from work, I emptied my purse and started making dinner. I places the little box on the counter beside my purse and the newspaper and turned around towards the sink. My oldest son Ethan comes and sits at the island..

"MOM?" and this was said in a kind of whiny, annoying, complaining tone.

I turned around, "What?"

"Why do you get a new iPod case?"  And he is pointing to the box of pads.

I laughed until I was crying! I guess they are fooling some people.

The only thing funnier was his face when I told him what they really were!


I am grateful for the wonderful day at work I had yesterday!

I am grateful for the long weekend.

I am grateful for all the lovely emails I get. I will always be humbled and thankful for the support I have received and continue to receive along the way!


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Tanya said...

Hahahaha that is priceless!