Sunday, August 5

Tattoos And Food!

This was the first year I have ever gone to the heritage festival in Edmonton. Most of the time I am in Strathmore for the August long weekend Rodeo. It was quite the experience. The food seemed nice, although I only tried 3 things. There was so much to see and do it was hard to take it all in. Plus the weather was blistering and there were so many people to watch, it made for a very long day.
Here are a few of the highlights.

this dancer was from Ghana

I could have watched the dancers from Ghana all day, they were my favorite. The music at the Ghana section was hands down the best as well. Everyone was so happy, it made my body move just watching everyone having a good time.

But my favorite thing that I did today was get my henna tattoo. The woman was amazing and I just love it!

All in all it was a fun day. After it was all done, I came home and watched the Olympics.


I am grateful for new things to do in the city. I enjoy trying new things and having new experiences.

I am grateful for little distractions. I am constantly amazed how my mind can wander back to things it shouldn't.

I am grateful we live in a place where people can celebrate their cultures openly. I loved how many children were there learning the beauty in diversity.



Ken said...

Spiffy tattoo! Gonna make it permanent? :)

Lawrence Rodnunsky said...

Hey past president of the Edmonton Heritage Festival board of directors, I am so glad you found us...given that we were pretty much the only gig in town this past weekend. :-)

It is great that you had a fantastic first time experience.....if only all first times were that much fun ;-)

Thanks again for the positive feedback......and on a personal note....enjoy listening to your show and the station.