Monday, August 13

Music Monday And I'm Feeling Rather Accomplished!

I am mid August and I have almost finished everything on my "TO DO" list. This past week I finished painting and the house is sorted and organized for the children to return. Laundry is caught up and the actual laundry room is organized and sorted. The house is cleaned and I even have some of the things for the back to school haul. I found and hung curtains in all the childrens bedrooms (no longer will I have pinned towels up to block out the sun..I know, really classy) and I think I have gotten rid of everything that was cluttering up my basement. I am feeling rather accomplished.
 It is amazing to me how much peace I feel when my space is clean and orderly. When I am feeling like things are out of control, I just need to spend a day cleaning and I feel like the world is right again. I could never be a hoarder, there are many things I could be and am, but a hoarder is not one of them.

My friend Chelaine found me a table for my deck so I can seat everyone for dinner parties again. I can't even begin to explain my joy. I have wanted to throw a dinner party this summer so badly.
I also changed the colour in my hair from red to purple. I was ready for something different. I think it is a little more subtle as unnatural purple can be in a black head of hair. I like it, and it makes me feel pretty.

The music I am sharing this week I found shopping, getting coffee, and driving. I love hearing something and scrambling to shazam it on my iPhone before it's over and I miss it. I appreciate the challenge every time!

I heard this one while driving to work this past week. I fell in love almost instantly!

I heard this one while shopping in my favorite store.

I downloaded this entire album while waiting for my Chai in Starbucks. Something happened to my insides when I heard his voice. The whole album is wonderful.



I am grateful for Costco. I have not had to get groceries for a few weeks and holy crap I needed a haul.

I am grateful for having such good friends.

I am grateful for my intuition.  The constant reminder to always listen to it, and the confirmation that it is seldom wrong.


Tanya said...

I LOVE Big Hoops, it is some awesome cancon. I will give the other songs a listen thank you for sharing.

I always feel better when my house is more orderly and I am able to get projects done. Like a huge weight lifted off.

My Sunny Porch said...

the dancers (the bigger the better) are our friends (kenny & doreen duncan's) kids and perform everywhere (most recently at events during london's olympic games)