Saturday, August 4

I Am Home And Finally Clean.

I have just finished getting cleaned up after a week at the beach. Of course I showered there, but it's different when you are camping. The details often get overlooked when your shower requires money to operate it and the stupid coin slot is outside of the actual shower. Forcing you to do things that are normally done leisurely, to be done in record time out of complete fear you might be one of those poor women who runs out of shower time with shampoo in their hair. I was one of those women once, a long time ago. I was so embarrassed because I could not see anything, so I was forced to go out of the shower in the buff and try and feel my way to the money timer.
 If you are a seasoned veteran to the dreaded camping shower you leave an extra quarter on top of it for just such an emergency. But those first timers who are not familiar with the camping shower, leave their money in their purse, because they think, "I can do it with one quarter". But this can cause further embarrassment because when the water runs out they have to go dig for cash in their birthday suite where everyone else is getting dressed.
The only way this doesn't happen is if a) you have a friend there also who would love you enough to run to put your quarter in. I was never so lucky, I only ever had my mother and It would be a cold day in hell before she would hurry to help me out. Hells no! She would make me wait until her shower was over and her hair was blown dry..she's not a woman who can be rushed. Or b) you learn to cut corners while showering and do it as fast as possible and just accept that you won't look your finest during the week of camping.

Hence why it just took me a full hour and a half to pluck, wax, trim, exfoliate, cut, wash, scrub, shave, shampoo, condition, dye, oil up and paint everything back to the way I was before I left. Holy crap being a woman is not easy! But I am now home and clean and am feeling pretty again.

It was a delightful week and I feel great. The bags are from under my eyes, I have a royal tan, I read a book I have wanted to read for a while and I got to think about a lot of things. And most importantly I played with my kids! We had a wonderful time on grandma and grandpas new boat.

 It was our first year with the new wake broad that my parents got the kids. I figured they would do well. I am a little shocked at how well they all did their first times though.

Nora had fun swimming, next year she can give the board a try.

My cousin Chris came too for a few days. He is 10 years younger, but it was so nice having someone to talk with. I really appreciated the time we had to catch up and laugh. I really value this special time I have been given lately to get to know my younger cousins better. Chris and I even took my parents boat one night and drove it across the lake to the fancy restaurant on the golf course for dinner. We had a wonderful time laughing and telling stories. I was crying listening to him tell me his houseboat adventures and trying to choke down the drink concoction they made for him was enough to send me into a snorting laughter. It was nice to get out and really laugh again, even if just for a night.

It was a great trip and like always my special place did what I needed it to. It made me feel better and helped me rest and refocus.


I am grateful for my uneventful drive home...except for the squirrel I ran over on the highway. I felt pretty bad about it.

I am grateful for my parents who kept the kids for another week so they can have more fun on the boat. And for my aunt who is staying there to help with the kids. I am a lucky girl to be so loved and supported by strong, beautiful and powerful women.

I am grateful for feeling a little more like myself.


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Princess Leah said...

Ugh!! I TOTALLY agree with you! I just got home from camping late last night and scrubbed my body from head to toe. Will be plucking and polishing today. We women are funny funny people. Can't wait to hear you on the radio again!!
Glad you had a great holiday. XO