Thursday, August 23

I Am Happy How We Are Right Now

I got home from work tonight and rushed to make dinner so I could spend some time with the kids before bed. My favorite thing to do with them is walk. I love going for walks with the kids. Something magical happens when the kids and I walk, and by magical I mean conversational magic.

I often wonder if they pick up much from me...but ooh I do not worry about their ability to gab. They for sure got that from dear old mama!

Tonight when we were walking my older two, Ethan and Gabe, were on either side of me with Nora and Seth trotting off every which way exploring.

Ethan began the questioning: "Mom? I heard you talk on the radio the other day about how you want to only date taller guys, is that true?"

Me: "Yes, I like taller guys."

Gabe: "She wants to be protected from being killed."

Me: "Not exactly." (laughing)

Gabe: "What else do you want the guy to have?" "Will he be nice to us?"

Me: "OF COURSE!" "I would never allow anyone to be mean to you!" "I would kill someone who hurt you!"

Gabe: "Like really kill them, or just hit them with a bat and shoot them with a cross bow?"

(My kids are really into the hunger games right now)... I want to make it very clear we are a very non violent family, but we have a ton of sarcasm here...

Ethan: "I also heard you say you don't know if there is anyone out there that can handle you, what did that mean?"

I just want to inject that HOLY CRAP kids listen to me better when I am on the radio, WAY better than in person!

Gabe: "She meant that whoever she dates better be cool enough to hang with us too"

Me:"That is exactly what I meant. I was simply saying that we are a pretty cool bunch and anyone wanting to be with us will have to be pretty cool too" "But just so you guys know, I'm okay if I never find anyone like that, I like our life and I am really happy how we are right now."

Seth rides by : "I am really happy too"

Nora: "Me too, I am really happy with my shoes"

Ethan: "Ooh mom, there is someone like that and you will meet him. He will be tall and will make you smile and laugh too!"

Me: "How do you know that Ethan?"

Ethan: He starts to do this swagger like walk... "Who WOULDN'T want to hang with us?"

Gabe and I started laughing, and they held my hand as we walked home.


I am grateful for having children. They keep me humble and grounded.

I am grateful for knowing who I am and where I am going.

I am grateful for my new tape measure.



Ken said...

Out of the mouths of babe's, I like that story. :) the new tape measure for measuring possible new fellows? height of possible new fellows?

Leah M said...

That. Is soooo awesome!! You have such great, grounded children. I am so glad you, that you are happy where you are, it's a great feeling!

Patty W said...

Joelle, first let me say that I am a huge fan of you!! And second, awesome...they are just what we need sometimes to simplify our lives and show us how to feel happy with how we are right now. This is definitely my favorite blog of yours :)