Tuesday, August 21

Every Woman Needs A Man Like This!

The last few weeks i have been attempting a lot of repair projects around this 'ol house of mine. Most I have pridefully tried to do myself, or with limited help from any guys. I would say for the most part my attempts have been successful , but not all. There have been a few doozers, a handful of situations that have been really painful and awful. Situations where I left feeling bad about myself and angry that I was not treated with the same respect I had given. I felt stupid and frustrated that I did not know more so I could just do (whatever the project was) myself. Yesterday on the drive show I spoke a little bit about how amid these degrading and rude situations there have been a few instances in the past few weeks where I have been treated exceptionally well by a man in the service industry and I have decided I wanted to share my experience further. I wanted to help anyone else in a similar predicament.

A couple of situations stand out more than others, but I thought I would narrow it down to my car buying and car fixing experiences to make my point.

When I was trading in my truck it was a rather quick decision. I knew I had to fix the situation I was in and I needed to do I ASAP. I had an idea of what I wanted and I was determined to have it done that night. The first dealership I went to I went alone (because I wanted to do it myself). I walked around all the cars and made it very clear (by my body language) I was looking for a car. A older man came outside to talk to me and asked, "Can I help you sweetie?" I detest such terms of endearment, especially ones so derogatory, but I ignored it to not be rude. I told him what I was looking for and I asked If I could test drive this little car I was standing in front of . It was new, small and I knew it would be good on gas (because I used my iPhone and goggled it) it had low KM's and it was a standard. To which he replied, "You sure you don't want to try this one (pointing to a doge charger), it's prettier and is easier to drive?"," It's an automatic and goes really fast." I am sure I don't need to tell you he had a fake tan, rings on almost every finger and had a pungent smelled of dollar store cologne either...but he did.

I will spare you the rest of the story cause to be honest it only angers me, but I am pretty sure you are getting my point! And as a ying to that yang story, I wanted to share the name of a mechanic I was told about in Stony Plain who was very kind and treated me like a person when my vehicle needed repairs.

Myron did not talk down to me or in a condescending tone.  Not only did he call me by my name and not a body part, he did not put the word "sugar" before it either.(And yes that has happened)
When I went in and needed him to fix things he only fixed what actually needed to be fixed and he even kept the parts out after everything was done so when I came back to pick up my vehicle he showed me that parts  that had been replaced and explained why.

Every woman needs to have Myron on their speed dial in case of emergencies. He was reliable and kind, honest and respectful! I will happily give every woman (and man) his number for their cars and trucks! I hope everyone goes to see him and his brother if they have any mechanical need. Good people like this guy deserve business!


I am grateful for feeling like there are still good men out there.

I am grateful for having a working car!

I am grateful for having boys and being able to make sure they are raised to know how to treat women. For having a daughter who will not accept anything but respect because her mom would not allow anything but and her brothers made sure of it.



Anonymous said...

but you judged the mechanic in the same way he judged you.

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant the salesman

Huh said...

how so?? come ON that salesmen was sterotypical but he was EXACTLY what she said, i'm pretty sure she spared us the details but as soon as he said sweetie i was sold on it so i judged it, she lived it. Myron for Prime Minister:)

Tanya said...

My ex-husband is a mechanic and the way men treat women at shops or dealerships is just as you describe Joelle. The stories he would tell about all the men gawking anytime an attractive woman came in or the extra's tacked on was appalling. Thankfully he is not like that but most are. Glad you found a good non-sexist mechanic.

Amy said...

Finding a fantastic mechanic who you trust is a feat all on it's own!! Nice!

J said...

Anonymous, Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I always enjoy hearing what people have to say. In response to your comment I would suggest I did not judge the salesman, rather described him. Sadly he was very stereotypical which comes off poorly. If I had judged him in the way he judged me, my comment might have been something like... :The stupid man who clearly did not graduate high school, who was ugly, smelled and obviously had a small *cough* "manhood" *cough* approached me in the parking lot.
All of those things would be assumptions and judgments, I did no such thing.