Tuesday, July 24

With A Little Help From My Friends

I have had the same group of girlfriends since I was in grade 4. We have been through almost everything together, and still after all these years we keep in touch. We don't talk every day or every week, heck most of our communication is via email now a days but we do stay in touch. We can even go for months without talking and pick right back up without feeling like any time has passed.
I guess that's the beauty of time. We have all been friends for so long we all know that we are still and always will be there for each other. It's a good feeling.

This weekend my girls came up to spend some time with me. I really needed it and I think they knew that. With very little planning they all piled into their cars and headed north. I hope one day our girl weekend will involve Hawaii, but for now I am happy to see them at all.

We spent our time together laughing and catching up on kids and work, husbands and heartbreaks. There is not much in this life that is a guarantee, except for death and taxes, but when this group of women are together there is without fail hysterical laughter and more often than not someone peeing their pants from too much!

I need to thank you ladies. I am and always will be a firm believer in saying what you need to say. I think you should always tell people what they mean to you because if you pass up your chance, you might not get another.

My dearest and oldest friends in this world,

Thank you for the gift of your time. I believe every woman in the world deserves three things: a good therapist, a boob job after she has kids, and friends like you. I feel so loved and cared for. I was running on empty for the last few weeks and I feel better now. Time and laughing replenishes me. When we are not together I forget how much I miss you guys, then you leave and my heart hurts a little. I hope you all know how much I love and adore you. I hope you know how much strength I gain from each of you. I love that months goes by and we all just pick up right where we left off. I love you guys so much!


I am grateful for good friends.

I am grateful for how much better I feel having gotten to spend time with friends.

I am grateful I don't feel I need to explain to you. I appreciate that you listen when I talk, but thank you for never making me feel like I have to.

I am grateful you are all still as wonderful after all these years.


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Ken said...

Good for you J! It's so awesome that you have this support squad to show up and help pick you up when you need it. I hope there wasn't too much peeing. :)