Sunday, July 15

Sunday Thoughts

I bought a bathing suit yesterday. As every woman can attest to, that is a blood chilling and terrifying endeavor that often ends in anger, tears, an increase or decrease of food intake for the remainder of the day and in some extreme cases all of this at once. But this time it didn't, I just tried a few on and picked the one that was the nicest. I picked the one that made the body I have look nicest. I did not get annoyed because of the body I wish I had.I was not upset having to buy a suit that had a number (size) attached to it that I wished was smaller. I just found one that fit. The entire process took 20 minutes and I walked out of the store feeling just fine.
The reason I bring this up is I didn't even realize until I got home that I felt just fine about myself and that I was not torturing myself like I normally would have about what I look like. It took almost 2 hours after I got back before it dawned on me that I had just bought a bating suit and was still smiling.

I am no blond-haired woman, I never will be. I have short dark hair. I am not super skinny and there are a few extra pounds on these hips that are okay with me. I like my curves.
My name is Joelle and I bought a bating suit this weekend and I feel great about it.

For some of you men, you might never understand what this actually means. But I know you women will.

I spent a lot of time alone this weekend, my kids have been gone for 10 days and I have found the silence more torturous then enjoyable. I have hated being stuck in my own head over thinking everything, but this weekend the madness in my mind has slowed. The over thinking took a rest and I have felt so peaceful in the quiet of my home. I have done things that I want to do because I wanted to do them. I watched 3 movies, baked cookies, wrote and read. This weekend I stopped trying to figure out "why". 'Cause it doesn't matter "why", what matters is "what's next?"

And the answer to that in this exact moment is lunch!



I am grateful for how these pants make my bum look really great!

I am grateful for a bathing suit that I like and makes me feel pretty.

I am grateful for a strong and adventurous spirit.


Jodi said...

Good for you Joelle :)

Kirstan C. Sonnenberg said...

Amen, sister! Enjoy the moment. The rest doesn't matter!