Tuesday, July 3

Steps Done and Scared Shitless In A Storm

Project one off my list-Steps to the deck, done!

These are the steps and the rotten deck that goes with them. The children were playing a few weeks ago and someone walked up them and the rotten wood gave way and the steps crumbled off.

After a few hours sorting wood, finding screws at Home Depo with Sam and fixing the bent drain pipe we were ready to go. Everything was laying out organized and set... so of course the rain would come. It just added to my resolve to do this anyway, so suck it mother nature, It's gonna happen no matter what. 

I am proud to report we assembled the whole thing all by ourselves. I put every single screw in that set of steps! And I think it looks pretty damn good!

Hopefully one day I will get to fix the deck too.

Later after the kids went to bed my friend Charity agreed to come watch a scary movie with me. I am not exactly sure what the hell I was thinking, or why I thought it would be a good idea to do this, but I decided and so it was going to be done. We watched The Descent and it was a perfect choice with the weather all dark and scary already. It was about a group of friends who decided to go spelunking and they stumbled on freaky creepy slimy people who ate them one by one. It was quite possibly the worst decision I have made in weeks! But I did it... we did it! And Charity survived the evening with only a few scratch marks.  (Thanks Charity). 

I guess maybe I thought if I watched something scary it be like an electric shock treatment on my insides. Perhaps that is what I need.. EUREKA, I figured it out!! All I need is for someone to defibrillate my brain! After I watched the movie my heart was pounding so hard it took me a little bit to fall asleep, but I am still glad I did it. So that's two things off my list:

1- Paint my house.
2-Learn to use my BBQ.
3-Scare myself stiff. (I am going to watch a horror movie all by myself)
4-I am going to throw a dinner party in the next few weeks. 
5-I am going to fix my steps.
6-I am going to figure out how to smile again for real. 
7-I am going to ride my bike. 
8-I am going to read The Help that Melanie gave me months ago. 

I will add,
9-I am going to fix my washing machine. 

All in all it was a successful weekend, the children had fun and I..well, I am still kicking! 


I am grateful for the sweet letters of encouragement I have been receiving from friends and total strangers. Thank you. 

I am grateful for my friends who are supportive and willing to help. 

I am grateful for feeling a little more normal today. 



Tanya said...

WTG Joelle :)

Ken said...

Your steps look awesome! Are all the stringers (3 boards that the step wood is attached to.) sitting on concrete pads? I can see one. If they're all on concrete, they will last a lot longer than just on the ground. Just a thought.

I don't really do scary movies. I am quite impressed. :)

JackieT said...

Hey!! Love that you did that all by yourself! You Rock! Every day is another day.. another day to smile, to look at your awesome kids, to knock some more stuff off your to do list, to keep on being Rock On in all that you do. Always on your side girl!

Bree said...

I have a trick for #3 that always works for me.

Even on your worst day, whether you got sick, got fired, got broken up with, set your hair on fire, or whatever - think of the one small good thing that happened to you that day. Like a good cup of coffee you got to have that morning. Because some poor schmuck out there is having the exact same crappy day you are, but they didn't get that cup of coffee. And eventually, over time, you'll notice and appreciate more and more little things. And when you're surrounded by so many good little things, its easier to deal with the big stuff. Besides, its kind of like burning happy pathways into your brain :D

Bree said...

Erm, thats supposed to say #6.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joelle! I have been reading your blogs and have enjoyed them alot! I also watched that movie... from under the couch cushion! Kept thinking 'turn the channel!' but couldn't make myself. I especially enjoyed your blog today (which is July 12th)...It struck a chord with some things going on in my life right now as well. It always helps your perspective when someone else is going through some of the same things (seemingly) that you are and handle it gracefully, or at least face it straight on with realism. Make any sense?...Best wishes to you, and thanks for your open-ness. PS I am new to this...It's from Holly