Wednesday, July 11

Sedate me PLEASE!

I rented two funny movies last night. I was told they were funny by a few people, I was assured they were funny by the lady who I rented them from and the really tall boyfriend of said lady swore to me on his life that it was HILARIOUS and that I would laugh all night long. So then why did I cry through the entire show of 21 Jump Street? I didn't even laugh when the penis was shot off! WTH??!!

Ooh ya, because I am losing my mind and I need to be sedated. I even made myself a beautiful dinner and that did not help. What the HELL is wrong with me?? 



I am grateful for my friend Matty at work who assures me I am normal and this is what normal people feel.

I am grateful I got to sleep in today.

I am grateful for the sunshine.



Leah M said...

You are not crazy!!! End of.

Tracy said...

You definitely are not crazy. But if you want sedation, I can share mine;) Take good care of yourself. A possible suggestion to read about... Rhodiola is an adaptagen and sold in health food stores and pharmacy where you find herbs and vitamins. I cannot believe how many people and docs talk about this( actually rant and rave about how great it is) and now I have started taking 500 mg daily as well. So we will see. Check it out.

Caroline said...

you are without a doubt 100% normal. I once stayed in bed, practically comatose for an entire week... except for bathroom breaks of course... an entire week! I'm lucky I didn't end up with bedsores! Everything will pass and you'll come out on the other side. Don't worry it just takes time. Maybe Magic Mike will make you feel better... maybe you don't need a funny movie, perhaps you just need a nearly naked Channing Tatum instead?