Monday, July 23

Rental Cars and Music Monday

I just returned from picking up my rental car. It's cute and a little sporty. It should be fun for the next few days.

 I would have liked a mustang...he did tell me I could go to the airport and trade it in for one if I wanted. I'm seriously thinking it over.

This weekend my girlfriends from Strathmore and Calgary came up and we had a wonderful time. I'll write more about our weekend tomorrow, but I wanted to share the music part of our weekend today.

Friday after work I went to capital Ex with  friends and we saw USS and Awolnation.

 They were pretty good. I enjoyed the energy of the place and people watching is always a favorite past time of mine.

 Amy shared this singing group with me this weekend and I LOVE them. I could listen to them for hours.

On Saturday when all us girls went out we happened on a garage sale and I found an old Women and Song CD. I remember having one years ago but it had been stolen. I painted two more walls in my house last night and I listened to it over and over again. Here are two of my favorites from it.


When my painting was finished for the night I went and saw the new Batman movie. I loved it, it was fantastic and I think I have a new favorite superhero.



 I am grateful for rental cars.

I am grateful for things to do all week.

I am grateful for how it makes me feel about myself when I do a project myself.

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