Monday, July 9

Music Monday With A Burn

What a sensational weekend! It has been 30+ for two days now and the weather man says its gonna keep going all week. I can not wait! I am a sun baby. I come from a long line of women who use olive oil instead of SPF...I know I know. But I have become smarter with the increased awareness of skin cancer. No longer would I be silly and use baby or olive oil, now I take a proactive approach to my skin care and use this.

See! I am much more responsible now! Except yesterday, yesterday I forgot to use even this little amount of protection and now I look like a lobster. I am burnt bad, and have a humming, glowing heat exuding from my shoulders and nose. It should make getting dressed today super fun.

For Music Monday today I have a handful of songs I want to share. These songs have helped get me through the last two weeks. I listen to them and sing along on my drive in to work everyday. I hope you like them and have a fantastic SPF filled week!


I am grateful I get to pick up my rental car in 30 minutes and my car is going to get fixed. I hope I get a nice car.

I am grateful I got to visit with a few friends from Strathmore this weekend who came up to watch their kids play baseball. It has been years since I cheered at a baseball game played by these families. It was such a nice time and great way to spend the day.

I am grateful for Tim Hortons iced caps.


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