Monday, July 16

Music Monday And I'm Just As Surprised As You

Dear Katy,

I went and saw your movie this weekend. I really only went for work reasons and because I was bored. But I have to say, the moment in the movie when you were in Brazil and had clearly just been told your relationship was over and you were crying on that chair. My heart sank. But I didn't find that the most incredible part. The part where I saw the kind of person you really are was when you pulled yourself together amidst your personal heartache and put on a smile and entertained thousands when all you wanted to do was clearly sit back down in that same chair and cry for your loss. That is the moment I became a fan. There needs to be more strong women like you in the world.

You rock lady! 


I am grateful my house is cooled off now.

I am grateful for a good breakfast.

I am grateful for things to do this week.


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