Thursday, July 19

Just A Regular Thursday

What a crazy week it has been here. I have been running all day every day from the moment I wake up in the morning until I crash every night at around midnight. The craziest part is I am totally exhausted at night and yet I don't sleep at all and always get up around 6am. I am almost to the point that if a small animal needs to be sacrificed so I can get a decent sleep, I would suggest locking up your kittens or puppies.

 I only crossed one thing off my list this week, but I accomplished so  much more that I would have never thought to even put on my list in the first place. The biggest one being I bought my house! I know it sounds silly, I have actually owned this house for 8 years already, but now I own it in its entirety. I bought Drew out and now there is just one name on the paperwork...mine!  I am a home owner. Now listen, my house is rather small and kind of old. I like to call it humble, in need of some love, but I don't care. I painted it this week. I needed the wall that has my motto on it to be finished and now it is. I find myself sitting in my rocking chair some nights just staring at it. It's still hard to take it all in. This place belongs to moi!

Other things I did this week included getting my car fixed because (remember when it was broken into, and then hit all in the matter of a few days?) Well a few days after all that happened I received a notice in the mail that my new car had been recalled. For a car that was suppose to make my life easier it has been a hug pain in the ass. It still needs to get the part that was hit fixed, but now at least it wont catch fire from the oil pan.

Work has been going really well too, Rob and I got to interview an artist you might know...Perhaps you have heard of him?? We got to interview Gotye! He asked to be called Wally. I kind of expected that I would be a total loser and not play it cool , which seems to be the norm when I get to do anything remotely cool when it comes to artists. But funny enough I was totally normal and just fine. It felt like I was talking to a friend. (So I am going to guess my subconscious doesn't really think he is that big of a deal.)

 I am really looking forward to holidays next week. Some time away on a beach with my mom cooking dinner is exactly what I need right now. The part I am looking forward to the  most I think (other than getting a tan) is getting to see Maclean again. She is going to be at the lake at some point when the kids and I are there. I can't wait to catch up with her. Laugh and cry with her. I have missed her terribly! I am so looking forward to seeing her and my other cousins and going for coffee at the quaint bakery early in the morning and telling each other all of our stories! 

BC is my happy place, and I can't wait to go. I can't wait to breath in the thick hot humid air. I can't wait to get out on the boat and swim. I can't wait to just relax. I hope to find a lot of the things I seem to have misplaced or lost. BC has a way of working its quiet magic on my busied and stressed body. It is a small little town that my whole family goes to and the simplicity of it is where its beauty is found. It makes me smile. My family from BC comes to visit and we all reconnect. I can not wait!  

Until then. Some of my oldest and dearest friends are going to be coming up this weekend for a visit. I have known these girls for yikes..29 years (Mel) 20 years (JD) 25? years (Karie) 23 years (Amy). Holy crap ladies! Sigh, I can't wait! It will be so nice to talk and laugh, visit and eat! We fully intend on finding some trouble to get into as well. I don't recall a time when I feel I have needed all my friends more than right now, so for then to do this, it means so very much !



I am grateful for Sam and all her help with the stuff on my list, and for everything. 

I am grateful for how good my hair cut made me feel today, and I am especially grateful for the intern at work who told me it looked nice today. Even if the intern was just sucking up, it felt nice to be told by a boy that I looked nice. I miss that.

I am grateful for Rob. We have been learning to work together and sometimes that forced friendship can take a while, but he has been really great the last few weeks. He makes me laugh when I need it most! And more importantly he handles it well when I cry. 

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Ken said...

Have fun with your friends and family Joelle. I hope your trip is wonderful and you come back relaxed and a lot less stressed. :)