Thursday, July 5

Just A BIG Shout Out!

I would love to give a big shout out to whoever hit my car and just drove away this morning without leaving a note, trying to contact me or just being a basic decent person!
I appreciate that you probably thought, "I think Joelle could use something to do this Thursday morning, she seems bored". I could see how you thought  a trip to the RCMP station to fill out a hit and run report would do the trick!
Thank you! You were right, I was silly enough to think a work out, good breakfast and chat with my friend in the states was what would start my day off right, but no, you were way more accurate! Thank you for adding just that little bit of extra "kick to the face" I needed to begin my work day!

And lastly these daily memos that God hates me are always welcome, it's good to be reminded where you stand with the big guy, it keeps me humble. And I especially appreciate the universe continually solidifying it's stand that I am incapable and not allowed to have anything nice, new or not somehow broken in this life!   

Cheers! Happy Thursday to you too!



I am grateful for kind insurance agents who made me laugh when I called.

I am grateful for the unbelievably kind police officer who helped me fill everything out today, she was exactly what I needed.

I am grateful that is sunny out today.

I am grateful for K for taking me out last night to see Magic Mike, sista, that was a great way to spend the evening, thank you!!


Tanya said...

It sounds like you have all the important things in life Joelle. Try not to focus to much on what you don't have. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

you are clever beautiful talented and funny, you have loving family and friends, you have a car that has been marked by someone that will get their own and no one was hurt ( not to say that it doesn't suck though! )...and God does not hate you! it's all about perspective...Chin up lil' soldier


Tracy said...

Oh man. So sorry to see that. What is weird, is that I was driving in the rain on Tuesday, listening to you on the radio and Rob was trying to figure out who pranked him. I was thinking, when I get off the road, I am going to text in that I think it was you because I know you love pranks. And before I could think about it anymore, BANG. I had to slam on my brakes to miss the stupid guy in front of me who pulled in front suddenly. Then, of course, I check in my rear mirror to see who is going to hit me because I KNOW it is coming. And yup, I got hit. And then the guy behind that acura got hit as well. All 3 of our cars crunched on 111 street with rain pouring down. Good thing is, bumper is the only thing damaged. And my stupid back and shoulder from my old injury. But it could have been ALOT worse. So I did not get to text in and accuse you. But I still think it was;) I don't believe anyone is punishing you. Rotten luck for sure. What goes around comes around and I hope the person who hit you and ran someday feels your pain. Keep on truckin girl. And as always, thanks for making me smile when I listen to you and Rob on air and the music ( most of the time;)