Sunday, July 8

Happy Birthday Gabe

My Dear Gabe,

You are looking really great for nine! If I had not given birth to you myself I would have guessed you were 10, 11 tops! Gabe, you are the most delightful human I have had the pleasure to know on this earth in my entire 33 years. You have such a kind heart with a loving and warm smile, no matter what kind of bad things happen in my day, just seeing you and hearing you laugh fixes it all. You are peaceful and those who know you, love you. Your happiness and joy is very contagious, I hope you always keep that. One day my little man you will have a full grasp on what is actually out there in the world and I hope when that day comes it does not change you. I want you to always remember that even though there are bad things in the world, and there are people who might not see things like you do or are as happy, please hold on so tight to your joy and your outlook on life. In a world of turmoil many will find you a comfort and your presence a safe haven from trials along there journey. I hope you always allow others to find rest in your company, see people for who they are not for what they do (because the two are not always the same). No matter what anyone tells you, no one is better than another, we are all the same. So treat everyone accordingly! 

At your very young age, you my son are capable of mercy and already understand love better than many adults I associate with. Never lose that, or at least try your best not to. You will find that people who need to heal will be drawn to you, don't be scared to comfort them, it's a gift not everyone has and I know it can be draining, so always do things for yourself so your bucket is full first. 

Laugh and laugh and laugh some more! You got that laugh of yours from me, and I know it works the same way mine does. Laughing heals the soul, do not be cheep with that! Laugh often and much! Share it with everyone. I cherish our time together at night, at the end of a long day when you and I giggle and tell stories. Even I find it hypnotizing! 

Remember you can always use me and your dad as an excuse for anything, especially if you don't want to do something and are not sure how to say no. If people are making a choice you are not comfortable with, blame us. When you are asked to do things and go places and if you are not ready, blame us. I will never be angry and will happily be the "bad guy" when needed!

Soon the time is going to come when girls are not so gross and you spend your free time chatting with them more than me. I look forward to meeting young girls that have caught your attention, you are such a magnificent boy, I am quite confident the girls you will attract will be nothing less then amazing! Treat girls with respect. I expect nothing but! 

Always stay in touch with your brothers and sister. They are your best friends, and one day when I am no longer around, they will be all you have. Forgive them when they upset you, that is what brothers and sisters do. 

And lastly my sweet yellow haired boy, practice listening to your inner voice. The sooner you recognize it and pay attention the better off you will be. I am not sure how it will sound to you, no two inner voices are the same. I know for myself it comes in the form of a feeling. When I know something is right I feel resolved and calm, happy and I feel love. When something is not right I feel confused and scared. You can never go wrong if you follow what your inner voice tells you, even if the way it is directing is not what others what for you. Stand firm in what you feel to be true. No one has any right to tell you how to think and how to feel (that includes me). Their opinions do not matter when you feel sure about something. 
Learn this as soon as possible and you will be ahead in this life.

Serve others, but take care of family first! 

I love you my boy, I wish you all the joy a nine year old heart can handle on your very special day!! 

Love always and forever, 



I am grateful for Gabe and all he brings to my life.

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