Sunday, July 1

Canada Day And Rocky

It's Canada Day today. The day of the year I purposefully take time to reflect on the things that we often take for granted here in the True North, but today I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I am not feeling overly grateful right now and my inability to sleep is making me grumpy.

When I finally did drag my sorry ass out of bed it was to a fresh cup of Starbucks Chai that Sam had brought over for me. She has been really great the last few days, helping with my laundry and working on fixing my washer and repairing my broken step. She is also monitoring my cell phone use like all good girlfriends do and not allowing me to act on my late night impulses to call or text even when I cry.

When I did pull myself together enough and came down stairs the children asked if they could stay in all day (because of the rain and cold weather) and watch all the Rocky movies. I think that might be exactly what we need to do today! Movies and food.


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