Wednesday, June 6

To Further My Certainty

On the way home yesterday I decided to fill up. I didn't want to. According to my gas indicator I still had another 120 km I could go before I HAD to fill up. I wanted to drive it until it was dead empty to see just how good it was on gas, but because I heard on the radio that gas was going up from $1.13 to $1.29 I thought it might be wise.
Here is the damage...

I could not even believe it!!! I easily spent three times this in a week on the truck. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!

Before I forget, I would like to say sorry to the white mini van I honked at yesterday going home from work. The light was green and they were not going. I was confused and annoyed, so I tapped my horn and still they did not I beeped again. Then I saw the ambulance that the driver was waiting for go through the lights....I was a douchbag and I am sorry.


I am grateful for the rain. It makes everything green, lush and pretty.

I am grateful for how my jeans are fitting.

I am grateful for good shampoo.


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