Monday, June 18

Music Monday Maclean Style

Happy Monday everyone!
Maclean here. Pleased to officially meet you.
This past weekend was lovely.  First of all, the Stony (no "e") Plain weather man was waaay off and instead of the predicted downpours, we had nothing but sunshine and butterflies!
Friday was probably the highlight of my time here thus far. It wasn't anything planned or fancy, just a good ol' walk. Joelle and I took the kids all over the place, we only got bitten a few times by the crow-sized mosquitoes, had good conversations, and I got to run around with the kids.
Saturday we cleaned the house from top to bottom and had Ryan and his girls over. Ryan made delicious homemade pizza that we all feasted on, the kids drank oodles of pop, and us adults drank our own drinks! Ergo, everyone was happy. Even uncle Hanson came over! Having all of the kids happy feels like the biggest accomplishment.  I don't know if all readers will understand or appreciate this, because prior to being here I certainly wouldn't have. However, after being with kids 24/7 for nearly two months, when the kids are happy, EVERYTHING somehow seems great and that nothing can go wrong!
As for Sunday Funday we kicked off the day to a lovely breakfast, lounged about, and watched Madagascar 3 (which Joelle was somehow able to snore through, despite its insane amount of sensory overload!)

It's hard to believe my countdown to go back to B.C. is almost in the single digits, and as excited as I am to go home, it's weekends like these (and I assure you, there have been a lot of them) that will make leaving Joelle and her amazing, loving, and hilarious family so god damn difficult.

For music Monday, I have included some of my personal fav's and a new one that Ryan introduced to me this weekend! I hope you enjoy and that they keep your toes a tappin'

Patrick Watson


Toro Y Moi

The Walkmen

This week,

I am grateful for being able to experience part of an Albertan thunderstorm...even though I only heard the thunder.

I am grateful for Ryan buying new red wines for us to try and his taste in music! 

I am grateful for Nora giving me out of the blue hugs, Seth holding my hand, and Ethan and Gabe telling me they love me back when they leave for school!

I am grateful all of the kids were interested in Harry Potter when I read them the first chapter!

I am grateful for Joelle. Her and I have only ever been able to connect briefly at family reunions and although those times were filled with heart to hearts, these past two months make me feel as though I now have a third sister. Not to mention that Joelle is an outstanding and exemplary woman and mother. I apologize Joelle, because that measly statement truly doesn't do you justice.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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