Monday, June 11

Music Monday And No Crying

This weekend Maclean, Ryan and I went to Banff. On Saturday, when we drove back, we went to the new movie theater in Windermere. You know the one with really fancy leather recliners. The one where you can order food from the servers who come RIGHT UP TO YOUR CHAIR! It was wonderful and as far as we are concerned, the perfect yuppie elitist way to watch any movie! We saw Prometheus. Ryan has been pretty excited for the last few days in anticipation, we even watched Alien and Aliens last week so I would better understand the back story to the movie. It was fantastic and I am proud to report I did not cry, scream, or leave because of fear. Ryan's arm might have claw marks, but other than that, I would say a huge success.

As with all good road trips there was a tone of fantastic music played. For Music Monday I wanted to play two of my favorites for our trip. (I'll tell you all about our road trip to Banff tomorrow).

For now the music I fell in love with.

Ho Hey The Lumineers

Tim Armstrong Into Action


I am grateful we had such a wonderful weekend.

I am grateful for having a job I love.

I am grateful how music makes any trip that much better.


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Ken said...

The lumineers! Cool just requested that on the take over last week.

Glad you survived the gondola! :)