Monday, June 4

Feeling Better About My Decision

All week I found myself obsessively staring at the gas-tank indicator thingy. Every time I went anywhere, I would stare to see how much gas I had used. Maybe I felt like the more I stared at it, the more I could will it to not go down as much. Like trying to make water boil faster by staring at it.

I have been on the brink of tears a few times this week doing regular things like: go to the drive through bank machine, drive through at Starbucks, listening to music on my way to work, driving past semi trucks on the highway. The reason there was almost tears is because when I did these things in the truck it was easy. Getting money from the ATM was a breeze. Just pull up and lean out. In the car, I am almost sitting on the ground and have to hang halfway out to reach the buttons (true story). Same thing with Starbucks. When driving past semis I can now see the undersides of those huge road monsters, and  last, when driving to work and getting pumped listening to ridiculously loud music pounding from a BOSE stereo, now feels like I am listening with my mom in the car....sigh

But then Friday came. I got in to drive to work and looked at the gas thing and saw this:

It was Friday and it was only at half!!! On my goodness, my below average stereo system sounded like front row to the concert that drive to work!!

It was a great weekend!

Today for Music Monday I asked Maclean for some picks. She has great taste in music so this is all her!

And the last is my favorite!!!

Have a great week!!!


I am grateful for older children who can run to the store for you when you forget laundry soap!

I am grateful for a clean and organized bedroom!

I am grateful for summer and warm nights!

I am grateful for good neighbors who help parent.

I am grateful for almost having ALL THE LAUNDRY DONE!!!!!

I am grateful for the gas tank in this little car.

I am grateful for a healthy body

I am grateful for feeling loved.

I am grateful for dear friends.

I am grateful for feeling like I can chose for myself.

I am grateful for healthy children.



Ken said...

I love Young The Giant! That is the most awesome song to run at the track to. My absolute favorite!

Glad the car is starting to show some positives. That's the reason you got it. :)

Bree Storms (Yes, that Bree :D) said...


Glad you're getting a good start to this week, but I wanted to stop by and apologize for my phone call to the radio station on Friday. I still firmly stand behind absolutely everything I said, however, I am incredibly sorry that my tearing a strip out of Rob's ass potentially put you in an awkward position (what with the fact that I don't have to talk to him again if I don't want to but you have to see him at work on a regular basis). It was something I had no intention of doing - the causing of awkwardness I mean, seeing as I obviously vehemently protested his decision. I just couldn't listen to him harass you anymore.

Don't get me wrong, Rob's a funny guy, and you two have great chemistry together - but I know a bully when I see one, and there's a fine line between funny and disrespectful. 10 times is funny. An hour and a half of it isnt. Begging and pleading and being near tears should be proof of that. However (and feel free to tell him this), when he decided not to torture you today, the girls at the Love Boutique were so happy we actually let out a cheer. I almost even wanted to hug him. Almost.

I'd like to think that we have alot in common, which might be why you're my favorite. You're a strong, tenacious woman who will do everything in her power to care for the ones she loves, even if it means pushing her own needs aside. And even though life has metaphorically taken a crap on you probably more times than you can count this year, you keep soldiering on with a smile on your face as often as you can. Just from listening to you on the radio and reading your blog, you have become a positive influence in my life, someone quite a few women find relate-able, an individual who inspires us and understands that the only way to gain the strength we want to have is to keep believing, keep trying, keep fighting for it. (As the old cliche goes, fake it till you make it; but its cliche because its true.) You help me remember that no matter how bad the day is, as long as I can be thankful for my friends and family around me, a silver lining can always be found.

Which is why I was so upset on Friday, counting down the minutes until I got off work so I could leap to your defense. Because you are someone worth defending... and fortunately, I'm allowed to yell at people on the radio who piss me off :D

Hope you have a wonderful week, and just remember when things really suck, that you always have people who believe in you.

(Btw, I looked it up in our communication book at work and the day Rob had you almost in tears was April 16th. As far as I remember, you were having a kinda crappy week as it was.)

Percy2626 said...

Plus, I bet the car doesn't cost as much for that tank of gas as your previous vehicle either!!!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Joelle, I love you! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out. I always find something to smile over in your blog!! Thanks for sharing! ♥ And PS... I too have a clean and organized bedroom this week and my laundry's finished!! (for today anyway... more to come... lol) It's an amazing feeling!! ♥