Tuesday, June 19

Butt Cream and Toothpaste.

This week has been a rough one (and yes I know it's only Tuesday).  Rob and I are again covering the morning show for Crash and Mars. The other times I've covered, I don't think I found it this hard, but for whatever reason, I am really struggling with 3 am this time.
Monday was rough, I got up early, got ready and made it to the station with no issues. Then, after about the first hour, a wash of nausea came over me and I began throwing up. By 8 am Rob had called my boss and I was heading home. When I got home, my innards were rebelling in every way. It was a long day!

Tuesdays show was much better, it was also the day I heard my very first commercial play on air!!! I read a small script for 'Campers Village.' I was so shocked and delighted I actually squealed. Ty, the producer, sent it to me, and when I figure out how to put it on here I'll let you listen to it! After work on Tuesday I had to do some running around before I headed home and that's when I sent a text to Ryan. It was a cute little text that I can neither confirm or deny had some rather sexy, and funny personal joking connotations to it...and in my very tired and not paying-too-much-attention-because-I was-up-at-3am-mind ...I sent it to my boss and not Ry.


 When I asked Nora to go up and get her tooth brush and bring it down so I could help her brush her teeth before bed, she was such a big girl and did it all by herself. I laid her down on the carpet in the living room and began brushing her teeth. I was chatting with her as I brushed and noticed a strange, yet familiar odour when she spoke and her breath wafted up to my nose. I stopped brushing her teeth and smelled her toothbrush and rolled my eyes. I went upstairs to the washroom and confirmed my suspicions ..

I guess I should not be surprised that a tiny four year old would make this mistake.

That is the best I can do for now, I will return to regular blogs after the week of morning shows is over.

I am grateful for the darling girl who heard about my lulu clothes that were ruined and sent me a new shirt. I wore it today and I love it. Thank you ever so much you sweet woman!!!

I am grateful for sleep.

I am grateful for always having something to giggle at. My kids keep me grounded and sane. I love children and value their little personalities!

I am grateful for this beautiful life. I am happy and healthy. I love my people and friends and cherish the relationships I am developing with all of them. I love this time I have been given to work and learn.

Life is beautiful.


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Leah M said...

Oh!! I knew this would be a good post when I read the title!!
Oh Nora!! You poor sweet little thing!!
Morning show is awesome! Keep up the great work!