Monday, June 25

Asparagus Pee

You know that smell? That smell that your pee has after you eat asparagus. I don't understand how it happens so fast after you eat it but it does, and it is really gross. We have all gone into a washroom somewhere and instantly upon entering identified the last occupants meal...or at least part of it, "Ooh they had the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto."
The reason I bring it up, is because for the last few days my bathroom has wreaked of that smell. The only thing is, I know no one has eaten asparagus because I have not made any. It is now to the point where drastic action needs to be taken because I am gagging every time I walk in. I can hold my breath for the length of a pee but during my showers, I am verging on passing out!

This afternoon I went in with the soul purpose of figuring out where the hell this rancid smell is coming from, and I think the culprit is the sink. I filled it with really hot water and poured all the bleach I had into it and then let it drain slowly. I will report back and let you now if I was successful or not.

For Music Monday I have a few songs I just love! They are perfect summer tunes and I listen to them on the drive into work every day!

Matchbox Twenty-She's So Mean

Gavin Degraw-Sweeter

Neon Trees -Everybody Talks


I am grateful for new underwear.

I am grateful for freshly dyed hair.

I am I do not live with an asparagus addict.



Tanya said...

Great music

Melissa Haavind said...

Great Music Monday! I love Neon Trees!!