Tuesday, May 22

My Favorite Flower.

Nora has been busy picking weeds. She loves it. It's her favorite thing to do all morning. She will even make an easy and relatively short walk into a two hour process because she needs to stop off at EVERY dandelion to pick it and admire its beauty.

There is actually something really adorable and sweet with her being completely fascinated with their beauty. My counter houses all of her most recent finds.

Today was my first day back to work after my 10 day vacation, it felt so wonderful to be working again. I always feel good in the studio. It's a happy place. When I am feeling low and defeated it is such an escape walking into a place that has the power to lift me, even if it is only for the few hours I am in there.


I am grateful for good sleeps that make me feel like I can carry on.

I am grateful for the rain, it makes my flowers and lawn nice and pretty.

I am grateful for simple joys that make me smile.


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Tara G said...

Love the dandelions!! I remember picking them for my mom and my kids pick them for me...they are an awesome flower with the power to be the conduit for love from a small child.