Tuesday, May 29

Just Great!!

When I first heard/saw lulu lemon clothes I will admit I didn't get the big deal. I thought it was just another brand of over priced clothes or yuppies and did not believe for one second it made any difference when it came to working out.
Then my brother Dawson bought me a few things when he started working there.
The clothes are so light. I find the shirts comfortable and when you sweat in them it allows you to still be comfortable with no chafing. The are structured well and they do not shrink or fade.
So in a nut shell I am sold! I am a huge fan and own a few pieces I use ALL THE TIME. One Item in particular is my trusted head band. I have very short hair so its hard to find anything that does a good job keeping my hair back when I work out. I wear my stuff every time I work out.

Yesterday I put on my lulu lemon t-shirt and shorts. got ready to start our workout just like every other day. But before I started I thought it would be a good idea to run outside and water the plants quickly. Wile I was outside my neighbor was out working on his yard too. I watered the plants then walked over to say hello.
He was shaking a jar of something as we spoke and caught up. I asked what the jar was for and he said "it's used to clean the bottom of the truck" and I kid you not, at the very second he said that, the jar lid flung off mid shake and this toxic smelling crap flung out of the jar and splashed on to the side of my face. It got in my hair and on my lulu head band, my lulu shirt and shorts and went on my foot. I just stood there stunned. I could smell it and knew this stuff must be really strong so I ran back to my house and took everything off and started trying to wash it off of everything. It took me all of 39 seconds to run from where I was standing outside to my bathroom and in that short amount of time that cleaning agent.

-Ate two holes in my t-shirt and bleached out the other parts.
-changed the colour of my headband on the spot it landed on.
-stained my shorts.

A quick calculation of damages totaled
MY HAIR-$200
(the shirt and short were gifts from Dawson)

It was an expensive visit with my neighbor. Next time I will probably just wave from the window.


I am grateful for summer weather.

I am grateful for a good pair of tweezers.

I am grateful for how funny my kids are.



Tanya said...

Wow I am glad you are OK. I can just imagine if that stuff had gotten in your eyes.

Ken said...

ACK!! That's horrible! And working out in a Has-Mat suit would just be so uncomfortable. :)

Glad you're OK.