Tuesday, May 1

I Got Shot At Today

Well, maybe not exactly "shot" but it definitely sounded like a gun shot. When I was driving to the airport to pick up my cousin Maclean (who is going to stay with me to help with the kids until school is over) I was on the back road from Devon and a semi truck passed me and BANG!! my windshield blew up and sprayed glass all over the inside of my truck.

Stupid rock!! I have not even payed for my other truck repair. Grrr...just my luck!

But in fairness, It doesn't ruin the fact that MACLEAN is here!!!


I am so grateful for my cousin who is here. I could cry, now that she is here I feel relaxed about working and feel like I can focus completely on the job I have to do. Its ice knowing my children are well cared for.

I am grateful for peace of mind. Its a wonderful thing.

I am grateful no one was in the passenger seat when this rock hit.



Tanya said...

Wow that rock is huge! Glad no one was hurt.

Enjoy the new "nanny". :)

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Holy COW!! That's a big rock!! ('~')

~~ I know, That's what she said! hahaha

Ken said...

First......you have a cousin named MACLEAN!! That's awesome in itself! If you have a name like MCLEAN, you can't help but go around doing bad ass stuff!

Too bad about the rock, on the bright side, you could have been on a bicycle? Sorry, just trying to make the glass half full. :)

Anonymous said...

I had the very same thing happen to me on Deerfoot and you are so right about feeling as though you'd been shot at! I had glass all over my dashboard and all down my front. It was surely shocking.


laurettemw said...

That bites! Rocks and windshield damage are just part of the package when you live in Alberta, but you sure got pegged by abig one. Remember, its just glass, and be thankful that it wasn't sometimes head!