Monday, May 21

After A Nice Long Rest

I just spent most of the morning relaxing. I have just had 10 days off and tomorrow I go back to work. It was a nice time off, I enjoyed spending time with the children, Maclean and my family.

We all loaded into the truck this long weekend and headed down to Strathmore for a few days of laughing, food and catching up with my brother who just returned for traveling in Bali. We came back yesterday and today has been full of lounging and personal time. Maclean and I did our workout and the rest of the day has been spent getting prepared for this upcoming week with Rob (we are doing the morning show) which means very early mornings!

I even painted my nails. It has been an okay day.

The new website is up now at work, it's kind of surreal seeing myself on it.

I feel like I have had a nice break for the blog, and like always I really appreciate everyone's patience with my rest times.


I am grateful for down time.

I am grateful for music that soothes my soul.

I am grateful for my family.


1 comment:

Ken said...

Glad you had some well deserved time off. It's going to be nice to have you back. :)