Sunday, April 29

Today I Start Doing The Drive Show

Today is the first day I start covering the drive show for Rachael Day. Rob and I have been asked to cover for her maternity leave, which is until mid to the end August. I am looking forward to the opportunity and feeling so happy for the amazing hours and family time this will give me now. Home every night and weekends with the children.
 I have also been thinking a lot about how this all came about. I found myself getting a little teary eyed this weekend when I would think about it. I went from a stay at home mom who was struggling with self worth and weight problems in a marriage that was tanking, and now, I still struggle with the weight (always will) but now I get to work for my favorite radio station doing what I love and enjoy immensely! Today is an exciting day.

Big Breath! It's one of those days that I will remember everything about until I am old and grey.

Just like everything else I have done that is scary and exhilarating and sensational all at once, I will breath deeply, pull up my big girl panties and go at it with sarcasm and a smile. Willing to try and willing to fail but knowing I will grow regardless.

With tears in my eyes I can't wait. Tears of gratitude for this chance that has been given me, tears of joy and humble awareness that things like this don't happen to everyone so I want to do my best, to make my children proud. Tears of fear in case this is the life lesson where I fail horribly at hurting not only me but my coworker too...but I will still try.

Tears of hesitant elation in case I found what I was meant to do and how thankful I am for that. Deeply completely and entirely grateful. Today is a big day for me.

For music Monday I am playing a few of my personal favorites that I will be playing as I drive to work. I play them loud with the sunroof down and singing my face off.



I am grateful for everything I was able to get done this weekend.

I am grateful for having a clear head and ability to feel things that way I should without interference.

I am grateful for new friends.



Ken said...

Happy you'll be on during the drive for a while. Pretty soon I'll be spending extra hours in the field and it's like having a friend along. Don't worry, you're going to be great.:)

Tanya said...

You will do great Joelle. Looking forward to hearing you guys. :)

TheRealSlimKatie said...

You are amazing!! That's all. ♥