Tuesday, April 3

Spring Cleaning Treasure Hunt

With the weather being as nice as it has lately the snow is almost gone on my front lawn, and with the melting of winters blanket, all the things we lost in the fall make another appearance.

This year with the great melt we discovered:
2 pairs of underwear (I don't want to know why or how)
3 pairs of socks
1 ball cap
1 bike seat
1 extension cord (WTH?)
3 pair of ski gloves (one of the pairs was MY good pair)
1 t-shirt
1 life jacket (honestly, I have no idea what that was about)
1 hockey stick
1 fly swatter

The crazy thing is, I cleaned the yard BEFORE the snow came so I am pretty sure these things made it into the snow, after it came. Which makes me wonder even more about what goes on when I am not around.
At least now our yard looks presentable, and less like the trash family everyone else whispers about.



I am grateful for H&R block for doing my taxes today. Barb was so sweet and really helpful. I really like tax time! I almost have enough to buy my NEW PHONE!!! Yahooo!!

I am grateful for the kids notice when the house needs to be cleaned and that they get embarrassed when their rooms are not tidy! I am raising clean people like me!!!

I am grateful for my truck getting its much needed tune up, and for Mel for letting me use her car while mine is getting fixed!

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Natasha said...

This is hilarious. I lovelovelove it.