Monday, April 2

Spring Break With Hypodermic Needle

This spring break with the kids was a little different then years past, the weather was actually spring-ish. We had a wonderful day out, aside from our visit to the doctors office because the kids are sick again.
First we went to the museum, its one of my favorite places to go and I love watching the children's faces when they see new things. I find it fascinating asking them questions and hearing their opinions about things.

The new display was about the beauty moths have.  For an animal that is predominantly night creatures their beauty is breathtaking.  

Look at the antennae!! 

There was an aboriginal art section too, this was my favorite! 

This might be one of the creepiest pictures I have ever seen! 

I am overjoyed this rack is in a museum and not stuffed on a wall...sorry dad. 

The kids checking out the bug section. 

I told Nora to kiss the tarantulas. 

More bugs.

Nora was a great during her doctors appointment.

On our way to Duchess Bakery we were walking down  the street, the sun was shining  and the kids were laughing  then right on the sidewalk there was a hypodermic needle. Ooh down town Edmonton. 

At the end of our crazy day we washed the truck with THREE different colours of soap. It might have been the kids favorite thing, 

One of the things I also find astounding is how much I enjoy spending time with them. (Let me clarify) I have always loved spending time with my children, so much in fact I have done nothing but for the last 10 years. I have been a stay at home mom giving care and attention 24/7 for a decade.
But I never had anything that was really mine, I would try hobbies and crafts (I really love being a Doula but its rather infrequent) and they were good once in a while but there were times when I thought I was losing my marbles feeling lost and empty.
Now that I work, and have time commitments and things that have to get done I feel even more organized than I did before. Also, along with that, I feel like the time I spend with my children is so valuable that I am uninterested in wasting it doing things I don't feel would be directly beneficial. I feel like because I don't see them as much as I once did, I need to make the time we do spend together better. And It's great. Before I would have so much time all I would do is talk on the phone and be on FB truthfully I was bored.
 Interesting how being MORE busy, I feel I have MORE quality time with my children. I truly believe quality over quantity.

Its was a nice spring break.


I am grateful for my truck getting looked at, it has needed a tun up for a while and I am glad it held out till now and it did not blow up.

I am grateful for how good water tastes and how it makes me feel when I drink lots.

I am grateful my mom is going to come up and visit this weekend for Easter!



Tanya said...

I've never been to that bakery but those cakes look amazing. I may have to make the trip needles and all. LOL

TheRealSlimKatie said...

I totally get it!! Quality IS more important than quantity. I wish I worked, sometimes. It would be nice to miss my kids for a sec. You're doing a great job Joelle!! You're a good juggler!! lol ♥

Sully said...

Joelle, it's Anthony Henday traffic report Joe. I admire you so long as that's not too bold :-) I don't have a family of my own but your determination and drive should be a staple in every families life. You are a true inspiration :-D