Thursday, April 26

Old Joelle Is A Cleaning Freak

Today the old Joelle returned for a brief visit. The old Joelle was a cleaning freak but since my climbing accident I have not been able to clean like I used to. But today I was motivated and to make it even more tempting to clean, it was raining. I used to love cleaning when in was cold out.

I want to get everything ready for my cousin who is coming Tuesday to help me with the kids. I wanted my house to be so clean it sang again.

I was cleaning like a super freak when I got to Nora's room. I was ruthless, nothing was safe. I cleaning everything! I even washed the floors by hand.

Nothing was left, until I saw this...

 I might have left this little drawing Nora did on her wall. It was cute.



I am grateful for how wonderful a clean house smells!

I am grateful for feeling accomplished.

I am grateful for this months Jamie Oliver magazine.


Tanya said...

Hahaha I still have a drawing on my wall that my son drew of himself and his brother. It may not be right but it's so cute when they draw themselves and they are happy.

Ken said...

When we did some renovations last year, we had to lose the spot where we had marked our kids hights throughout the years. I copied it onto a board and the plan was to put it back up someplace. I had completely forgotten about it until this. Thanks. :)