Tuesday, April 10

Of Course There Is Asparagus Laying There.

I got home from work and walked up to the door with my hands full of groceries and this is what was laying on the steps.

Cause why wouldn't there be a thing of asparagus on my steps? I went into the house with a confused look on my face and asked why was it there?

And the answer I got is the reason everyone should have children.

 Me, "Guys, why is there asparagus outside?"
The kids, (looking at me just as confused as I am looking at them) 'cause we needed a nose for our snow man!"
 The best part was they were shocked that I would ask such a stupid question when clearly the answer was so obvious!

I put away the food I had picked up with a smile on my face.


I am grateful for small accomplishments.

I am grateful for old music that is new again.

I am grateful for unexpected support!



Ken said...

you still have to find what went missing for the eyes and nose. :)

Tanya said...

LOL I thought maybe someone gifted you asparagus and I was kind of wishing I had a neighbor that would do that. The kid's doing it makes much more sense though. LOL

Leah M said...

Nice!! Now we just need a picture of the snowman!!