Sunday, April 22

Music Monday and Benadryl

What a fantastic week for music! I went to a few concerts, I found new music while I was out and about using my Shazam app (I love my iPhone). Anthony the music guy from Sony brought me new CD's to listen to as well. It was a glorious week for music.
When nothing else is going right, music is my never failing constant.

I hope you enjoy this weeks picks, It has been a while since I was as excited to share new stuff as I am today..and remember some music is just new to me.


I am grateful to live in a time where there is medicine for my children when they get really sick. Poor Nora had a horrible allergic reaction to something, it got kind of scary in Safeway, I am grateful for Benadryl!

I am grateful for family dinners where I can visit with the children.

I am grateful for 20 degree weather.


1 comment:

Ken said...

came back a second time to listen to Lisa Mitchell. That's a terrific song. Had to add it to my favorites list.

hope your daughter is better.