Sunday, April 8

MM With shattered glass

This was a fantastic Easter weekend, I hope everyone had a great one. My mom came up and spent the weekend with the kids and I. It is always great having my mom around. Everything went fantastic...until this

The iPad took a spill and did not fair very well. Sam, says things come in three's, so after the dentist, truck and this I should be good for a while.
Ooh ya, MY PHONE BROKE TOO, lol, what does fours mean Sam?

This week I was introduced to a few new things, and as always I will share!

I am doing the morning show today for Crash and Mars...if you're bored from 5 am till 10am.


I am grateful for music. Always, it is my deepest love.

I am grateful for a good night sleep before a morning show that I am so nervous for I could barf. And for friends for dinner invites and support.

I am grateful for feeling believed in and loved by my mommy.


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Ken said...

......don't sweat it, you'll be marvelous. :)