Monday, April 16

The Female Equivalent Of The NHL Trade

A major player in my life has moved. I was a tad stressed with the whole thing, but now all is okay again. Mock all you want, but every woman out there will understand, when the hair stylist you have been going to FOR YEARS moves it's a stomach turning, heart racing ,stressful event. Much like the NHL trade. I watched broadcasters on TV act simular to how I did when I heard the news Sam was no longer at the same salon. I could not eat or sleep, it felt like forever before I heard from her. Most of the time the person you have been seeing to do your hair just moves and you never hear from them again, luckily for me this was not the case!!

Sam is still in my life!!!!

She moved to a new Salon called Fusion. Sam is a ridiculously talented woman and I have come to love her over the years, trusting her with the most important part of my look. Scary how I have more faith in her than a few friends, some doctors I have had or even past clergy.

The entire staff at Fusion are wonderful! Charming warm and witty these woman always make me feel special and welcome. And I am never disappointed with my hair. The other day I went to the Salon for a fun photo shoot with Sam, Jackie (the owner) and the other girls. We had so much fun...

Sam doing my hair.
I even got my make up done for the shoot.

Being fed by the owner is NOT a regular occurrence , but it made for a fun picture. 

My picture of the picture on a computer screen, so a little washed out.
It was a fun afternoon. 

The massage Mani Pedi chairs are like Heaven!! 

It's such a wonderful place. Sigh..all is right in the world again!



I am grateful for work.

I am grateful for nice real estate agents who are helpful.

I am grateful for the sunshine.


Mel said...

Yay! I can't wait for hair day on Friday!!! I too have missed Sam! You look amazing!!

Tanya said...

Glad you were able to keep your stylist. I've experienced mine moving away years ago but was lucky enough to find another one and now I won't let her go. Hair is to personal to just let anyone touch it. Your hair looks great BTW!

Ken said...

That's a fantastic picture, you could be a model. :)

J said...

ooh Ken, go really, go on! ;)

Fusion Salon and Spa said...

Joelle was a great model!!! We love her!!