Thursday, April 5

A Day Of Happy.

Today I feel happy. Plain and simple.
This morning we had a snow storm and it was horrible outside.
I got a bill from the dentist's office saying I owed $300 for my kids' teeth that was not covered by insurance (and I still have one more kid to be seen by her). But I still feel happy.

The only thing I really did today was clean, re-clean and do laundry, but I feel happy.

The truck bill I got yesterday was 7x more then my dentist bill, and yet...still happy.

Today was a really great day.


I am grateful I was able to spend the day at home playing with the kids.  And colouring eggs. (Snow day)

I am grateful I feel safe in my fixed up fancy-schmancy truck.

I am grateful for having everything I needed to bake cookies today in the snow storm.

I am grateful because of the snow storm everyone canceled their dentist appointments, which meant almost all my kids got in today.

I am grateful for how the day started with 15 cm of snow, and ended in 6 degree weather with almost all of the snow gone.

I am grateful for long hot showers where I can sing to my hearts content and not feel rushed while I shave my legs.

I am grateful I can paint my toe nails any colour want.

I am grateful for feeling happy and safe.

I am grateful for friends to send funny things to, and to tell my secrets to.

I am grateful for friends who are happy for me.

I am grateful for a washing machine that works really well.

I am grateful for all the treats Sam brought back from London for me...London is calling me again, I can hear her!

I am grateful for new water bottle that makes my water easier to drink and tote around.

Today, I am really grateful!


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