Wednesday, March 28

It's Spring time again!

It's spring time again and you know what that means.....Motorcycles!!!

On my way home today from my staff meetings and air check I was driving with my sunroof open and music blaring when out of nowhere two motor bikes drove past. My heart skipped a beat. I think I am ready to re-add something to my bucket list.

Get my motorcycle license and get a bike.

I have always wanted a bike, for as long as I can remember. My Dad Steve has had a bike most of my life, and I loved riding it with him. Two years ago my mom, brother Dawson and I were all going to go get our license together for my birthday, but about a week before my birthday my dad John rolled a quad on himself and ended up in the ICU with a broken head and a brain needless to say our motorbike adventures were put on hold.

But I think the time has once again come!

Sigh..I really want a bike!



I am grateful for the ridiculousness that the town I live in is going to to make our garbage collection a more efficient process. I love the 4 different bins I have, all the different bags and the endless lists of what can go in to what container...OMG!!! It's like a freaking full time job!!!! But I am feeling better about doing more for the environment.

I am grateful for how good loud music feels while the sunroof is open and the sun is on my neck.

I am grateful for loving and unexpected comments on my blog. So kind and thoughtful! It brightened my day!


Ken said...

My motorcycle nerve has been twitching as well lately. When you get your licence give me a call and we'll go for a tour......because i'm told, that's what real bikers do? :)

cora said...

I say ...Go for!! (At the risk of sounding "cheesy" (cause although I ride-I am the farthest thing from a "biker" I like room service and clean sheets and a hot shower at the end of a big ride) I will share my thoughts on it....I have my own bike and there is nothing like it, it's the BEST ever stress relief! -You HAVE to let everything go to stay safe so for those few minutes or hours you don't have a care in the world. There is something so relaxing/ refreshing/ rejuvenating having the warm sun on your face and the wind in your hair! (minus the tangles but you take the bad with the good and that's why they invented conditioner):) Everything becomes so ...vivid and roads you have travelled a thousand times before become new and you see things in a different my opinion.

nelson said...

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