Friday, March 2

I Am The Worlds Best Babysitter.

I babysat today, I babysat Sam's littlest girl Lala. (her actual name is Lara, but I call her Lala.) 

Lala is Italian for tiny ball of complete and utter destruction with an adorable face. 

The culprit!  She is so lucky she is half the size of a normal 2 year old and so cute. 

She slept over and woke me with her tiny squeaky voice calling for me at 5 am. I went and got her, brought her back to my bed (it was nice to have a baby to cuddle again) and we both fell I thought. 

What actually happened was, after luring me to help her escape from her sleeping prison, she lay patiently beside me, waiting for me to return to sleep, and when the opportunity presented itself she made a break for it! She tiptoed ever so quietly down my stairs and into my kitchen where she began her cyclone of destruction. 

She climbed on to my computer chair then on to my computer table to reach on top on my fridge to get my lip chap (a rather big container) and with it, did this...

It took me almost 2 full hours to clean this keyboard with Q-tips today.

my FRESHLY PAINTED walls with little hand prints all over them.

my windows...ooh my windows.

What I don't have pictures of is the entire loaf of bread she mangled. She took every single piece of bread out of the bag, ripped/ate the middle of it and crumbled and tore the crust apart and threw on my kitchen floor. 

After she did all of this, she snuck back up to my room, climbed into bed with me and cuddled more until we woke up at 7 and came down together to find my house a shambles. 

my bed sheets from when she climbed back into bed with me. ..little tyrant! 

When I came down stairs and asked what happened, she shrugged her shoulders and lifted up her greasy little hands and said to me in that adorable high pitched voice... "I don't know"

The reason I am such a good babysitter is she was returned back to her mother unharmed at the end of the day.

Sam and Dean, you are very welcome. 

*As a side note to the end of this story. I want it to be known be all the world, that when Sam came to pick up the Tasmanian devil she did NOT want to go home, she wanted to stay and play with me longer. So clearly my punishment was not that bad.


I am grateful for windex and Q-tips. They helped me clean the grease off everything today.

I am grateful for the tiramisu drenched in Booze, the Italian cheese and the bread that Sam brought me in an attempt to suck up for her daughters destruction:) Thank you my dear, it was perfect!!! 

I am grateful for being able to love other children the way I love my own, and vise versa. 



Tanya said...

LOL to funny

Natasha said...

I bet it wasn't as good as your tiramisu. I expect another one for my birthday again this year. You'll already be making it for Dean for the same day, so you can make me one, too. Tell Drew he'll just have to drop it off in Victoria this time. I know it's a bit out of the way but he has a few things to repent for anyway. (Hi, Drew! :-)

Oh, and I expect it for my birthday every year from now on. Head's up.