Monday, March 5

Glasses..Yet Again!

Sigh...I had eye surgery a few years ago. They told me that there was a chance that my eyes would go back to how they were before and that I would need to wear glasses again. I have fought it tooth and nail for the last 7 months but I keep getting closer and closer to the computer screen at work. Its getting so bad that the other texters and hosts make fun of me at how big I make the font that I had to just finally go and get my eyes checked. Sure enough they have not only returned to how bad they were before, they are worse. So I have returned to being a glasses wearing lady. The doctor I went and saw had these cool glasses for me to try during my exam, I wanted them really bad, but he said no. 

So I ended up with these Librarian-esk ones. Perhaps not super fun to be back to glasses, but O.M.HECK is it ever nice to be writing this blog tonight whilst sitting straight up and not needing to make the font the size of the mouse.
Fingers crossed there is a guy out there that digs librarian style.


I am grateful for home made scones.

I am grateful for eyesight, crisp and clear vision!

I am grateful for a lovely afternoon with Nora. She is such a fun girl.



Amanda Adams said...

:D You look lovely! I have always liked you in glasses!

Amy said...

They look great on you!