Friday, March 30

Apparently I Go To Starbucks A Lot.

Today I was making a turkey so I could make turkey soup. It might seem like a lot of work but my turkey soup is really good, I like it the most of any of the soups I make, so the effort is worth it to me. Plus Nora is really sick and soup is a must when my babies are sick.
While in the process of making soup I realized I need celery so off to Safeway I went with Nora. After grabbing everything we needed I of course stopped at Starbucks. When the woman came up to us to take my order Nora out of no where and unprompted by me says my order perfectly. I burst out laughing, grabbed my phone and recorded her. (She is sick so excuse the squeaky voice)

I should be so embarrassed, and yet I am not!



I am grateful for getting to spend some quality time with the kids over spring break, even though they are sick.

I am grateful for feeling organized.

I am grateful for home made soup, true comfort food.

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Tanya said...

That was adorable. I hope your daughter feels better soon.