Monday, March 26

Aggressive Spring Cleaning.

I really like my house, it's what you call quaint. It's a smaller four level split. It has 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, my kitchen is a dream space thanks to my friend Garth and I can maneuver the entire house in the dead of night with out stubbing any toes.

I really like my house...but I am learning very quickly it is becoming too small to house my rapidly growing family. Today we did a desperate spring cleaning.

We just have too much stuff! So out came the garbage bags and we went through everything. I do this type of purging once a year, but this time Ethan actually initiated the purge because he said he had a friend over the other day and was so embarrassed because the play area was so messy they could not even play. It took a grand total of 2 hours and now we are completely functional. I can even run on my treadmill again! It was a very successful day!!


4 hours later....

I asked Nora where my 2 Lulu Lemon head bands are that I asked her to put upstairs while we were cleaning up the basement, she tells me she was bored and did not want to take them all the way upstairs, so she put them in the donation bags I dropped off at Value Village.

GRRRRR!!!! Children are so wonderful!!!!


I am grateful for Samantha, who after the purge went to Value Village to try and recover my lost hair bands...she was unsuccessful.

I am grateful for my lulu pants and how good they feel after a day of work.

I am grateful for Duck Sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

I love spring cleaning. :)

Natasha said...

Yeah, you rock headbands. Next time, just put the kids in the donation bag and this will never happen again. ;-P

I love how you just dropped "rapidly growing family" in there like it was totally normal. Hilarious.

That was very nice of Sam.

Tanya said...

Sometime is going to have a very exciting thrift store find. LOL