Tuesday, February 21

What A Show Actually Looks Like

I decided to share with everyone what a show looks like from my side of the table.

So here goes;

Arrive around at the studio around 6 pm for a 7 pm show. (Today I was running a little late so I got here closer to 6:40)

6:40pm-I go into the studio and chat a little with Rachael (or whoever the host on is.) This is my side of the desk/table.

6:48pm- Co worker from sister station in the building come in to the studio saying she thinks she might have hit my truck in the parking lot....after a mild heart attack I checked and no damage was done.

6:55pm- We do what is called the cross over. That is where one show ends and the next show starts. The cross over is a break where all of the hosts chat on air and catch up with each other. Today Rachael asked Rob and I about movies we have seen. Jokes are told, and laughs are had.

7:10pm-Rob and I have our first break. (Breaks are spots between songs where the hosts are allowed to talk) Other radio stations try to not have too much talk. On average other stations talk for about 2 minutes an hour, at NOW radio we talk for 7 minutes sometimes more depending on the topics. Here at this station we have very few rules. We are allowed to talk about anything, controversial or not. Really the only "rule" is maintaining a percentage of Canadian content of music, and not say any of the 9 designated bad words. I will not be listing any of them, but just trust they are really naughty.

8:00pm- We have now been on air for an hour and it has just flown by. I have responded to texts, chatted with Rob about a loose idea of the direction we want our show to go in. The beauty about this job is often we will have an idea of what we want t talk about but once we start we need to stay open to rapid rearranging. If someone calls in or we get a text that re directs us conversationally we go with that natural flow.
It is what I love the most about this job, talking with people and discussing everything and anything. I love having the freedom to do it in the way we want to too.
Some times topics really catch on, and other times they tank and die faster then you can say hi. But everyday is new.

8:10pm- I take an on line bet from a texter for a Tim Horton drink over who will win the hockey game (Calgary vs Edmonton) I bet Edmonton would win. 6 minutes after agreeing to the bet, Edmonton was up 4-1

8:48pm- I have now read and responded to almost 100 texts and taken a few phone calls, including this one from a girl who calls all the time to sing to us.

9:03pm- Off air (during songs) Rob and I check Facebook, answer texts, watch the hockey game. We will chat about ideas for new conversations if the one we are having is not doing much. We talk about things that are going on in each others lives, we talk about things we can work on. Really just get to know each other more.

9:56pm- I win my online text bet with a listener. Edmonton won the hockey game against Calgary 6-1 so Zoe (the texter) brought us Tim Horton coffees. I love my job:)

10:17pm-I had to quickly download a song (Adele Lovesong) on my iPhone for a music request...wow, it was pretty stressful..giggle

10:33pm- I catch a glimpse of the genius our Boss had when deciding to put us together. I really love the dynamic that is becoming Rob and Joelle. I love how different we see things and how fired up people get when he says things. For example when he compared the Calgary Flames to "the red headed step child" he continued by saying," well of course you like them, but nobody really Loves a step child" to which I abruptly retort "I'M A STEP CHILD AND I KNOW MY DADDY LOVES ME"
He is a funny man who likes taking risks, and I love and respect him for it!

10:30pm- I become impatient waiting for Rob to finish his coffee so we can do our roll up the rim cups.

11:10pm- We finally do our roll up, I got squat but Rob won a free latte!!!

11:22pm- third bathroom break of the night.
11:36pm- I start to clean up my stuff to get ready to go home.

12:00pm- Pack up and head home.

It is ridiculousness that this is considered work, I love what I do!


I am grateful for my job...pft...play time is more like it!

I am grateful for the opportunities life have given me.

I am grateful for music, and the pure joy it brings to my life.


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